Saturday, May 30, 2009

The stranger came again

By: Diotima

This is Diotima again, readers must have read my first story “raped by a stranger” unfortunately this is the 2nd part of the story. I never thought that there will be a follow up incident of my black day. But it happened, however let me come to the narration of the incident without further beating around the bush.That was Thursday morning at about 10 o clock in the morning my husband Akash had gone to office and son Rohan to one of his friends house for studying in group, while going he told that there would be a bit late for him to return as he would be going to see a movie with his friends. My maid was cleaning the dinning table suddenly the door bell rang ,I went and opened the door to find a clean shaven face very manly looking person is standing there with a smile in his face, as if we are very much known to each other for long. With an exclamatory face I was looking at him as if asking him about his identity he suddenly asked ‘can you recognize me madam’ yes now I can recognize him with the gruff voice it was the same person who enjoyed me on that fateful day that time he had beard face and now he is clean shaven. He with much confidence came inside my house after giving me a tender push to make a passage for him to enter through the entrance door. He came inside and sat on the sofa as if it was his house and asked ‘are you alone in the house I suppose’ I told very assertively that ‘no my maid is there and my husband will return soon you must leave immediately’ he told ‘look do not try to play trick with me, your husband is in office and will be back in late evening and son has gone to his friends house and will also be back in the evening’ I told ‘my maid is there in the house…’, before completing my sentence he told me ‘ask her to leave the house as we will ….’ He did not complete the sentence but I knew what he meant. I told ‘that is not possible, she will take some more time to complete her work ,if I tell her to leave now she would be more inquisitive’ ‘ohh’ he told with much understanding tone ‘then ask her to prepare a cup of tea for me, let me have the tea, by the time she will complete her work and leave, but make sure that she leaves otherwise I will be compelled to show the picture of your that I have taken in my mobile in the last day’ yes I can recall last day he took several snaps of my nude body with his mobile. I kept quite and went to kitchen to ask my maid to prepare a cup of tea for the visitor and told her that the person is from the office of my husband for some work. God knows what my maid followed but started preparing tea and as I came back to the drawing room the man suddenly got up from the sofa and embraced me very tightly and pressed my breast and butts from outside, I told with a very husky voice “wha..t are yo..u.. my maid is there in the kitchen’ after telling this I was surprised by myself only that what did I mean by saying this that let the maid go!!!! The person left me and said “ok dear I am waiting for the moment to come’ finally my maid came and gave the tea to that man sitting in the drawing room and then after half an hour her housold job was over so she told me that she was leaving, I went to the main door to close it after she left and came back to our drawing room where that man was sitting and going through the magazines which were lying there on the coffee table. I was wearing a nighty at that time as I was going towards our drawing room I was feeling a bit uncomfortable as well as shy, I know what is there in my fate in next few hours but I have been severely trapped for the snaps he has taken. So a 40 yrs old housewife, mother of one boy with a figure of 36-26-38 is walking towards a stranger and submits herself for the lust of a stranger. As soon as I entered our hall he greeted me with a smile and asked me ‘here you are beautiful lady please come’ I like a machine went towards him. He caught me by my waist by sitting on the sofa itself and pulled me towards him and put his mouth on my naval over the nighty and started squeezing my butts by surrounding his hand around me. I just kept quite, he started kissing my naval over my nighty and with his hand started lifting my nighty slowly the nighty was rolling over my lower portion of the leg and then over my white milky thigh and upto my waist ,I closed my eyes, surrendered myself to my fate, I was like his mistress. I was thinking that the snaps that he has taken that day can be very lethal for me if I try to stop him. He told me to remove the nighty and by telling this he stood up and removed the nighty over my head. Now I was standing with bra and panty , he was staring at me and I was unable to look towards him directly and feeling very shy and embarrased.He pulled me towards him and by the force he pulled me I directly collided with his chest, my breast got pressed with his chest. He hold my face with his palm and looking at my face with much appreciating look, I closed my eyes as I was standing only in my bra and panty totally at the mercy of a stranger. Then he brought his lips and touched mine, a wave passed through my body, it was a soft, a very soft kiss at first and then slowly few soft kisses on my lower and upper lips separately I must confess that he is a good lover, then he released his grip from me now I was standing in front of him with my bra and panty totally confused slowly he cane forward put his hand on one of my breast over my bra. Now he inserted his index finger inside my bra and touched my nipple, ‘ahhh…hhhh’ I suppressed my moan as it will give encouragement to this stranger lover, he started playing with my nipple with his index finger while his lips were softly kissing my lips. My nipple was getting hard, and then slowly he stopped kissing and concentrated on my milky white body. He was moving around my body and was putting his hand here and there sometime at the upper portion of my breasts, sometimes moving his hands over my exposed naval, sometimes he is going further down and touching my two firm white thighs. His fingers were roaming all over my body, as if a research student is researching on the anatomy of a woman. It was becoming unbearable for me, my cunt region was becoming wet due to continuous sensual caressing all over my body. Suddenly he stopped and looked at me and told ‘how are you feeling darling’ my god this person has become very bold calling me darling, I just kept quite and looking at the floor as I did not know what to say and cannot look directly to his face as it was very embarrassing moment for me, He started removing his dress leaving me standing there in half nude state in front of a stranger. He became completely nude and though I was not looking at him directly I saw his penis which has become erect by now is dangling in the air, he went and sat on the sofa and called me in front of him, he asked me showing his penis ‘what is it dear’ I kept mum but he was not ready to give up he caught me by my hair made me sit on the floor and asked me again ‘please dear look at it and tell me what is it’ I still kept mum he suddenly unclasped my bra-hook from my back, now my breast jumped out from the fastening and by reflex I covered my breast with my hands by folding them diagonally over them. He was looking straight at me, then he caught my arms and slowly moving his fingers over my arms, I could not look at him but somehow I was started enjoying these moments but at the same time I was feeling very embarrassed, now gradually he removed my hand and my boobs were getting exposed slowly from whatever little cover that was provided my me with the help of my hands. Now tell me ‘what is it’ he asked again by showing his penis,then again he caught my hair brought my face very near to his penis and told with a very angry tone ‘if you do not tell, what is this then I will pee on you’ so to avoid further humiliation I told very meekly “penis” he told ‘not like this you look straight at my face and say your penis with a smile on your face’ I had very little option so I tried to shrug off my embarrassment and after much dilemma looked at him and said ‘your penis’ with a smile in the face. He told me ‘very good girl now suck it dear, till then let me enjoy TV, by saying this he took the remote which was lying on the sofa and put the TV on. What a situation a married lady of 40 yrs will suck a strangers cock while he will enjoy TV. I told him ‘I cannot suck, I do not do it even to my husband’ ‘so what dear do it for me, come on do not me late you are wasting my time, if you do not do this I will leave now and show all snaps to your husband, son and even circulate it in the net’ so I went closer to him on the floor, and he was sitting on the sofa I hold his penis and brought it closer to my mouth touched the tip with my lip, as this was the first time I am doing this, so slowly started caressing the tip of the with my tongue ‘’ escaped from his mouth then he extended his hand to hold my boobs and I was surprised to find that I co-opperated a bit with my position at the floor so that he can touch my boobs, slowly he started playing with my tits, which was becoming harder and harder under his continuous torture, by this time I have managed to take the entire piece inside my mouth, he was enjoying TV and sporadically making a sound ‘ahh..hhaa’ and very casually playing with my Tutsi was feeling like a real slut as if I am trying to please my master. After 10minutes or so my mouth I found his penis is becoming more harder and stiff inside my mouth, I realized what is happening actually and before I get a chance to withdraw my mouth he came with a great force most of it came inside my mouth while some quantity was over my face I ran to the toilet for cleaning. After cleaning as soon as I entering the room, the person told me ‘the way you ran towards the toilet with only panty on, your butts were looking exquisite’ suddenly I realized that I am in semi nude state he came forward told me to stand straight in front of him then he started moving around me and finally touched my panty and started to slide down my leg slowly, I know I cannot object so I stood still ,the panty reached the floor and I like a machine stepped out of it. Then he went to my back asked me to bend down, I did so and he went at my back to examine my cunt from the back, as soon as he put a finger into my pussy I shivered a bit and ‘ahhaa’ escaped from my mouth. My cunt was already wet from so much provocation and instigation that I was having till now. With one finger he started fingering my pussy and with other hand he was playing with my milky white soft butt, it became unbearable for me that a stranger is fingering my pussy,pressing my butts and the sexual torture that I am undergoing for a long time, so my pussy was becoming wet and more wet , I was thinking that I have just become a slut, a stranger is enjoying me at his will and I cannot refuse him just for the sake of prestige that I have in the society, but do I really have any dignity and honor left for me in front of this stranger. Now my pussy is flowing like fountain, which proves that I am enjoying, I am just dying in shame that this person have also come to know that this dignified lady is enjoying sex in the hand of a stranger ,who is also having a criminal background (that the readers have already known from my previous story).I was standing in a bending position so he told that ‘ you please move towards the coffee table otherwise it will start aching’ I do not know what my feeling should be by hearing such a considerate statement from this person, however I came forward and put my two hands on the coffee table and stood in a bending position, then the person came from behind put his penis at the entrance of my pussy from back and gave a powerful thurst.oh my god ,tears came rolling down my eyes, I was aware of the size of his penis from the previous incident but that was a month back, I was just feeling as a virgin ‘a..hha..aa’ escaped from my mouth he caught my hanging boobs from behind and initially started with a slow speed and it was increasing slowly, he told ‘madam you are very tight’ I thought if he comes regularly then I will not remain tight anymore, however his thrust were increasing slowly and slowly ahha..ahaa.aaaa..aaaaa escaping from my mouth my hanging boobs were in his hand he was pressing, squeezing, playing with the tits and what not. Slowly my cunt has started accommodating his huge penis and I must confess that I started enjoying it. After 10 minutes or so I started feeling that his penis has grown in such a big size that it was as if hitting my womb, ahhaa …ahhaa….aaaa….aahhaa I have cummed already and cumming again finally his penis is also becoming stiffer and stiffer and oh my god he is jetting out his semen inside my womb I tried to pull myself but he caught me firmly with my boobs with his body and cumming inside me, I told ‘please leave me do not cum inside’ but it was of no use he stopped cumming and thereafter released me from his clutch after taking out his penis from my fertile womb. I ran towards bathroom while he sat over floor and was panting heavily. When I came back he told me to clean his penis with my mouth which I did as his obedient mistress then he put on his dress and told me ‘I am going and you will accompany me till the main door in nude condition’ I did so we walked towards our main door, he kissed me very passionately and left. God knows whether it is the end of this chapter or more to come.

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