Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wife's affair brings home a surprise

By: Sameer

This story really began a long time ago, when I was only 19 years old. Something happened to me one night that would end up having a much larger impact on my life than I ever imagined at the time. I was sitting in my car with my girlfriend Ann, listening closely as she confessed her infidelities to me. That was when I first discovered that much to my surprise and confusion, I was becoming sexually aroused by what she was telling me. She told me that while I was out of town, she went to a party, gotten drunk, and let 3 guys fuck her. I can't really explain it, but there was a deep, sort of trembling arousal that I felt inside as she gave me the details of her experience. The combination of finding out that the girl I was in love with had fucked 3 guys and the feelings of arousal from hearing it made me very confused. I didn't understand it and I never confessed my feelings about this to her or anyone else until much later. Ann and I split up soon after. I told myself that I could never trust her and therefore we could never have a future together, but the truth was that I just couldn't deal with the conflicting feelings of jealousy and arousal that I continued to feel.I eventually married a woman named Tracy. Tracy was a wonderful, sexy woman who was full of life. Tracy had one small problem however, she had difficulty achieving orgasm. She and I had sex often, and as much as I tried, she could achieve orgasm only on rare occasion. One night we were watching a porno movie and playing with a new toy that I bought for her. It was a latex dildo that measured 9" in length and was proportionally thick. I thought it would be fun for Tracy, and I knew she would enjoy something different.I started playing with her pussy using only the head of her new toy. After awhile her pussy became wet and started to loosen up. I began to work the dildo slowly into her a little at a time making sure that it stayed well lubricated by her pussy juices at all times. This was a new experience for her and I didn't want to rush things and possibly hurt or do anything to turn her off to the experience. I really enjoyed the sight of the dildo going into her, and I was very curious to see how much of it she could take inside of her. Tracy is pretty tight even for me. She would often comment to me that she had the pussy of a 14 year old. It took some time for me to get the dildo even half way in. I slid it into her and then slowly backed it out an inch or so to make sure it stayed well lubricated. Tracy really enjoyed the feeling of her new toy inching it's way into her tight little hole. As I worked it deeper into her pussy, Tracy became more and more aroused. When I got the dildo about three quarters the way into her, I hit the jackpot. Tracy had a huge orgasm. I was caught off guard by it at first. It happened so fast it was as if a switch was suddenly turned on, the "O" switch so to speak. I watched as a wave of pleasure washed over her for about a minute. I was astonished to see her cum so hard with this new toy. I didn't expect it to work as well as it did.I was so excited that I was able to make her cum so easily, that I wanted to make her cum again. After she returned from her little trip to heaven, I asked her how she liked the new toy. She said it was good, but she had enough for the moment. Tracy played with her new toy often, but it was mostly when I was not around. She said that sometimes she would cum so hard that it would become stuck inside of her. She had to relax and wait for her pussy to loosen up enough to be able to pull it back out. She didn't allow me to use it on her very often. Of the times I did, she would always stop me after one orgasm.After we were married for about three years, I started wanting more experimentation and variety in our sex life. Tracy and I talked about the possibility of trying a threesome with another man. She told me that it would be too weird to have sex with another man while I was watching. She suggested that she try having sex with another man while I was not around, and work up to him and I together. I agreed to her idea but she got cold feet and backed out at the last moment. We tried Fantasizing about it several times while we had sex and it really added a lot to our excitement, but Tracy still didn't want to try it in real life. Some time had passed and I stopped asking her to try other men. I just figured that she was never going to do it.One Saturday night Marla, a friend and CO-worker of Tracy's invited us to a housewarming party. At the party Tracy and I were talking to Marla and her husband Ken, in the kitchen. We were talking about the difficulties of moving and home ownership, when Marla mentioned that their water heater made a strange sound. Tracy told them that I was very handy around the house and that I might be able to discover the cause. I agreed to take a quick look, so Marla showed me to the garage where the water heater was located. Ken offered to show Tracy the rest of the house while I was checking out the water heater.The water heater problem was not difficult to diagnose. I turned the thermostat up so the burner would turn on and waited for several minutes as the burner heated the water. We heard a hissing sound coming from the burner. I knew immediately what was causing the hissing sound, it was condensation from the tank dripping down into the fire. I explained the situation to Marla and told her that it was not a problem. Marla's eyes lit up and a smile emerged across her face. She told me that she was very relieved. She and Ken had spent a lot of money moving into their new house and was not looking forward to spending more for a new water heater. She kissed me as a way of thanks. When we went back to the kitchen she rewarded me further with a cold beer and another thank you kiss. Tracy and Ken returned shortly and I explained the situation with the water heater.The party turned out to be pretty unremarkable. It was the same old thing, a bunch of strangers standing around not having too much to say. Tracy and I went home at around midnight and went to bed.Tracy cuddled up to me under the covers and kissed me. She then reached down and started fondling my cock while she kissed me some more. Before long I was on my back and Tracy was on top, riding me slowly and grinding me deep into her. In the middle of our fuck secession, Tracy dropped a bomb on me. She confessed that she had been "naughty" at the party. I asked her what she did and she made me promise that I wouldn't get mad if she told me. I promised, and she told me the story."Naughty? What do mean?" I asked."First I want you to promise me that you will not get mad or do anything crazy."My first thought was oh God what could it be that she is so afraid how I might react. By this time I was really worried about what it could be that was so terrible, but I realized that if I didn't promise, she would never tell me.I replied to her in a calm and relaxed voice."OK sweetheart, I promise I won't be mad. Tell me what happened."Tracy stopped moving her hips, but remained on top of me with my cock still deep inside of her." I was a little bit naughty tonight.""Yes, you already told me that. What did you do?.""Well, do you remember when you were looking at the water heater tonight and Ken showed me around the house?.""Yes" I replied calmly."Well, when he showed me the master bedroom, he closed the door and started fondling me.""What? He started grabbing you?.""You said that you wouldn't get mad." Tracy cautioned.I wasn't mad, actually I was starting to become aroused at the thought of another man fondling my wife, just as long as he didn't hurt her."I am not mad, I promise. Tell me exactly what happened."Well we went into the master bedroom and he closed the door behind me. When I turned to see what he was doing, he just walked up to me and put his arms around me and said "I have been waiting a long time to do this." He kissed me and then his hands started moving over my body, grabbing my ass, and feeling my tits.""What did you do when this happened" I asked."Well, I kind of kissed him back, and I let him play with my tits some more. After awhile he slid his hand down my pants and stuck his finger into my pussy."Did it feel good when he did that?""Yes, it felt great. You are not mad?""No sweetheart, I am not mad I promise." I was starting to feel more and more turned on by what she was telling me. The sensation was a curious mixture of jealousy and very powerful feelings of lust. Tracy sensed this and started to move her hips again in a slow gentle grinding motion."Are you OK with this?" she asked."I am OK with it if you are. What else did he do?""He mostly played with my tits and fingered my pussy. I reached down his pants and played with him for a little bit and then he undid his pants and let it out.""He pulled it out? What did you do? Did you suck it?""Yes.""You sucked him? Man, you were a very naughty girl indeed. Did you make him cum?.""I sucked him for about five minutes before he shot his load. And yes, I swallowed it. I didn't have anyplace else to put it. I was on my knees in the middle of the room sucking his huge dick.""Huge dick? How huge was it?""That was the other thing. He was huge. I have never seen a cock that long and fat before." Tracy's voice quivered when she spoke about Ken's cock."How big was it? Did you do anything else?""We didn't do anything else. After I swallowed his cum we got ourselves back together and went back to the kitchen.""How big was it?" I asked again."I don't know. It was very big, that's all I can tell you.""Oh come on, you had it in your mouth and you can't tell me how big it was?""It was about this long" she held her index fingers about ten inches apart." "Shit, that's a big dick. How thick was it." I asked.Tracy shyly formed a "C" with her thumb and forefinger that indicated that his cock was about twice as thick as mine."How did you manage to suck that?""It wasn't very comfortable, but I was so turned by how big it was that I didn't mind it at all. I just wanted to suck that big thing.""I still can't believe you did something like that. Have you ever done something like this before? Have you played with any other men?""NO! This was the first time I ever touched another man since you and I met.""I was a little drunk when all of this was happening. I probably wouldn't have done anything more than let him fondle me except that I was so turned on by how big his cock was."Tracy picked up the pace of grinding her hips and gradually rode me harder and harder until she exploded in a huge orgasm. I don't think I ever saw her cum so powerfully. It was clear to me that she very turned on by the night's events. It was also clear to me that I too was very turned on by what she did.I coaxed her into riding some more until I exploded into her. We were both so turned on that I lay her on her back and fucked her until I shot a second load into her.After our magnificent sex secession we lay together. I held Tracy next to me in my arms. Just before I drifted off to sleep Tracy looked up at me and said:" I guess you are not mad at me after all.""I guess not" I replied, as I drifted off to sleep.The next night while we were having sex, I asked again about what happened between her and Ken. This time she gave more detail about how he fondled her tits, and fingered her pussy. I pressed her for more details about Ken's cock and she remained evasive. Tracy told me that playing with Ken's cock was a huge turn on for her not only because of it's size, but because it was someone new and different, and that made it feel a very naughty.I finally asked her if she would like to fuck Ken. She hesitated for a moment, then told me she would like to very much but she wasn't sure how I would take it if she did. I told her to please go ahead, but she had to tell me all about it when she returned from being with him. Tracy said that she would think about it and then let the subject drop. I decided it would be best not to push any harder about the situation.A week went by without a word on the subject, then one night Tracy came home from her weekly craft classes and told me that she needed to talk with me and motioned for me to follow her. I followed her into the bedroom and asked her what was up. Tracy sat on the edge of the bed and asked."Remember when you told me it would be OK if I fucked Ken?""Yes," I answered."Do you still feel the same way?""Yes, of course," I replied"Are you sure you still want me to do it?""Sure, if you want to try it go ahead," I replied.A grin emerged from her face as she lifted up her skirt and showed me her panties. They were wet with her juices and I could smell the unmistakable scent of a freshly fucked pussy. Her pubic hair was soaked with a combination of cum and her juices. Tracy took her panties off and slid farther up onto the bed."What happened?" I asked."I fucked him, that's what happened."I instantly felt aroused by seeing my wife's pussy with another man's cum dripping out of it."Yes I can see that, tell me about it," I told her.Tracy seemed to relax after seeing my reaction and started to tell me the story. She told me that she arraigned to met with Ken in a supermarket parking lot. From there they rode in his van to a secluded spot and parked. Ken had the back of his van made into a large bed. Tracy made a point of telling me how Ken's big cock felt so good inside of her. She said it gave her more intense feelings than with a smaller cock."You mean with my cock don't you?""Well, do you want me to lie to you?""No, of course not.""It was very different. The pleasure was more intense. It felt like it was touching more things inside of me that made me feel good. It reminded me of that dildo you bought me, but Ken's cock was better because it was real. I don't know how else to describe it. It was just more intense."Tracy stopped for a moment."I want to show you something. Turn on the light next to the bed," she said. I walked over and turned on the light."Look at this," she said.Tracy reached down to her pussy and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart. What I saw turned me on immediately. Tracy's pussy was still open from having Ken's cock in her. As she spread her lips apart I could see that her pussy was full of his cum. It was thick and sticky. It stuck to her pussy lips. A thin string of it stretched between her lips as she spread them apart. "He cums a lot. I tried to hold as much of it in as possible, but a bunch of it leaked out while I was driving home."Tracy described to me how it felt when Ken shot his load of cum into her. She said she could feel the throbbing of his cock as he pumped his load of cum into her."The feeling of his cock throbbing inside of my pussy, and knowing that this huge cock was squirting it's cum into me just put me over the top. That made me cum over and over again. It felt like he was a machine pumping his cum into me. I loved the feeling," Tracy told me."He made you cum?" I asked."Four times. It just felt so good. He filled me up so much with that huge cock of his," she replied.I reached down and felt my cock. It was hard as a rock. Another man had just fucked my wife and I was extremely excited by it. I was looking at Ken's load of cum in her pussy and I was trembling with excitement. I couldn't stop looking at her freshly fucked pussy. Tracy's pussy hole was still open from the fucking she received. I bent down to get a closer look at my wife's pussy. I felt a little inferior because when Tracy and I had sex, her pussy would close up as soon as I pulled out of her. Ken had stretched her pussy and now it remained open with his cum slowly dripping out like a very slow, milky white waterfall.Tracy looked at me."Want to have a taste?" she asked playfully."What?" I asked."Come on don't be afraid. I want you to eat me. I think I can cum again if you do it. My pussy is still tingling."I lay down on the bed and positioned myself between her legs. Tracy spread her legs further apart and urged me to go down on her. I first started licking and sucking her clit. This made her gasp."Oh yes, keep that up...Lick my hole too. I want you to lick it all out of me."I did as she asked and Tracy became more and more turned on. I realized that my wife had just asked me to lick her lover's cum from her pussy and I didn't even hesitate. As soon as she asked me to do it I just crawled up onto the bed and started licking. I told myself that I was only doing it to please my wife. The sensation of licking her pussy, I mean licking her pussy with another man's cum inside was overwhelming. I was trying to rationalize it to myself but here I was eating my wife's pussy after another man, a man with a cock far superior to mine had just given her the fucking of her life. I suddenly felt very insecure."Can I fuck you?" I asked."No, not right now, I just want you to eat me," Tracy replied.I reached down and started jerking my cock as I licked her pussy clean. Ken's cum was thick and salty, but it was mixed well with Tracy's juices. It was an odd sensation at first, but I soon forgot about everything but making Tracy feel good. Tracy's orgasm built quickly. This was very different from her normal response to being eaten. Her body went rigid for a few moments and then began to spasm."Oh damn, keep going! Keep going, don't stop!" she yelled.A few minutes after her orgasm subsided, I stopped licking her pussy. Tracy just lay there still breathing hard from her experience."Thank you," she said."Tell me more," I told her.Tracy told me about the feeling of Ken's cock pumping in and out of her pussy. She told me that "it felt like more switches were being turned on inside of her pussy" when Ken's big cock was inside her. Ken fucked her twice that night and Tracy loved every minute of it. A few days went by and Tracy had another unannounced fuck secession with Ken. She came home with her pussy full of cum and wanted me to eat her again. She told me that Ken had fucked her for 45 minutes straight with out stopping except the two times when he would pause to cum in her. Tracy told me again how much she loved the feeling of Ken's cock throbbing as it pumped it's thick cum into her. I licked her pussy for about ten minutes much to her delight. After that Tracy asked me to fuck her. I immediately positioned myself on top of her and slid my rock hard cock into her very ready pussy. I immediately noticed that her pussy was stretched considerably from the fucking that Ken gave her that evening and that felt small when I was inside of her. Tracy noticed it too but to her credit she didn't say anything. I know she didn't feel much but she let me go until I shot my load into her well used pussy. After I was done I slid down and licked her pussy as a way of apologizing for not being able to satisfy her."I just fucked a guy with a big cock, of course it's going to feel different." Tracy explained.The next night I tried again and was relieved to find that her pussy was back to normal. Tracy started meeting Ken at least 3 times a week. After two weeks of this I asked her how long this would go on. She told me not to worry that this was a "temporary thing" and that she was just fascinated by the novelty of this new cock in her life.One night I was fucking Tracy after she returned from one of her fuck secessions with Ken. Tracy started explaining to me about how she felt like Ken had taken part of her virginity from her. She theorized that the biggest cock she ever before Ken was only 7 inches. Ken can reach a full 10 inches into her and his Girth fills her up much more than any man before. She said it was only fitting that Ken have ownership Of that part of her pussy that nobody else could reach. I asked her if she was kidding and she told me, "Ken owns that part of my pussy because only he can reach it."After we were finished, Tracy went to the bathroom and showered. I was still horny so I continued to stroke my cock. I looked down at my cock and wondered what it would be like to have a 10-inch cock. I wanted to see what it was like when Tracy was getting fucked by Ken. When Tracy came back to bed, I asked her how she would feel if I secretly videotaped her and Ken when they had sex. Tracy thought about it for a few moments and then said she liked the idea.I set up our video camera in the bedroom and showed Tracy how to start the recording. I hid it in a basket full of clothes. In front of the camera I placed a plastic bag that was tinted, but still transparent. Even if you looked right at it, you couldn't see the camera. With everything set, I kissed Tracy and left. Ken was due to show up in 15 minutes.I went to a bar for a couple of hours and tried to relax. This was the first time that I knew beforehand that Tracy was going to have sex with Ken and I was shaking with excitement and a few other emotions that I couldn't begin to describe. I was a little tipsy when I returned home. Ken's van was not in sight, so I knew the coast was clear. Tracy told me that she wanted to take a shower and invited me to watch the video and see how it came out. I put the tape in our VCR in the living room, pressed play on the remote and quickly got undressed and sat on the couch. I watched Ken come in and get undressed. Tracy was already nude. She must have taken her clothes off before he arrived and met him at the door like that. The first thing she did is position Ken so that the camera got a good view of her sucking his cock. As she did, she told Ken how much she liked his cock, and how good it felt inside of her.I loved every minute of it. I started stroking my cock as I watched. The action progressed and Tracy did an excellent job of making sure that all the action was in full view of the camera. Tracy mounted Ken with her back to the camera so that I got a great view of his thick cock pushing it's way into her pussy. One of the things that I noticed was that Tracy's pussy was very wet. So wet that her juices were smeared all over the outside of her pussy. I remember thinking to myself "does a big cock turn her on that much?" I knew the answer, but I was afraid to think about it.I liked what I saw so much that I started stroking my cock faster. I watched her ride Ken for a long time and then Ken wanted to change positions. He got on top of her and started out by sliding his fat cock slowly into Tracy's soaking wet pussy and then pulling it almost all of the way out again. He repeated this over and over again while Tracy moaned loudly with delight. His pace slowly got faster and I watched with amazement as Tracy had a series of several powerful orgasms over the period of about thirty minutes. I never saw her cum so much in all the time we were together.I couldn't believe it. I was watching my wife fuck another man enjoying it. I couldn't stop watching and was getting more and more turned as I watched him cum inside of her pussy. I shot my load as he got on top of her and started fucking her doggy style . I continued stroking my cock as she started to orgasm again and again.After it was over Ken dressed and left. Tracy stayed on the bed and spread her legs for the camera to see. She started fingering her pussy and talking to me through the camera. Well dear, I hope you enjoyed this, I sure did. Look at how much cum he left in me."Her pussy hole was open and Ken's thick cum was ever so slowly oozing out of her. I was very turned on by the sight. I remember thinking to myself "man my wife is so naughty.""I was thinking about it," she continued as she fingered her pussy for the camera."I was thinking about all the cum Ken leaves in me, and as deep as his cock is in me when he cums, there is a strong chance he might get me pregnant. If it was a boy, I bet he would be hung like his father. We could just say he took after you. What do you think?"Tracy continued fingering herself and grew more and more excited as she spoke."I really could get pregnant with all the cum he has pumped so deep into me. You wouldn't mind it so much, would you?"I stopped stroking my cock and watched as I shot my second load.Tracy finished the tape by saying,"I guess you should be careful what you ask for sweetheart, you might just get it, and a little bit more."A few of months later, I noticed Tracy's belly was starting to swell... Can contact me

My husband’s job

By: Sunita Mishra

I am Sunita, new in thin ISS site. We are a married couple from Cuttack Orissa and my husband Deepak is working as a data entry operator on temporary basis in a government office. Before three months back there was a post for a regular computer programmer was becoming vacant in that office and for that there was fierce competition between Deepak and another lady computer operator called Seema who is also working in same office just like my husband .She was a divorced south Indian woman who was edge past Deepak by seducing their horny officer Rajiv .Rajiv was in charge officer and he would forward one of the name(Dipak/Seema) to head office for that post and his decision was final. Rajiv was in his late thirties but his appetite for women was unceasing. So Deepak informed me with very that he can’t compete with Seema due to this. Hearing it I told my husband that “I can compete and defeat that bitch Seema if you permit and allow doing so…..” Deepak initially was shocked but over a period of time he realized that I was doing it his sake and we made a plan of action. We arranged for a party at our house for which Rajiv was the only invitee. I prepared everything and then went in the bathroom to get ready .I was dressed in a transparent black silk saree and a low cut blouse with a wide back. The blouse was held in its place by a single knot in front. Inside I was wearing a very expensive front open brassiere. My milky breasts were threatening to pop out of their confines and the saree was so snug around my hips that it was very alluring. I had also applied a bold makeup with dark lipsticks and shiner, my face was glowing. My breasts were heaving gently inside my blouse on which lay my mangalsutra.Rajiv Sir came at about 7.30 the moment I opened the door he stared at me gape mouth. After welcoming him Deepak handed him a drink and then made some excuse to leave the house. I closed the door and then went and sat next to Mr. Rajiv my husband’s boss. Rajiv took in the way my flat tummy peeked beneath my saree pallu and the way my breasts were moving in their confines. He placed a hand on my bare back.” you are very beautiful Sunita" And I was also very politely replied “Sir, you are my husband’s officer and it our duties to respect your wants and defer to your wishes" I said and moved so that my thigh was resting against his .I allowed my pallu to slip. “Sir, give Deepak this post he is competent you know that." I said and turned to him. “For this one evening?" he asked holding my hand. “No sir, for a life time so long as we are here together. Do whatever you want with me" I said and let my pallu fall completely. Then I took his hand and guided to my right breast. He cupped it as our lips met for long wet kiss. I gently unzipped his fly and pushed my hand inside. I found his cock semi rigid and pulled it free. “I will suck you, you can do me in here or in my ass, whatever position you want, I will be like a whore to you" I said and pulled the knot that was holding my blouse together. "Seema too does it for me" he said. "She will not give you the satisfaction to fuck a married woman in front of her husband on their bed", I said and unhooked my bra hook in front. I held the cups open for him to knead and he complied eagerly. Then the doorbell rang “sir, it's Deepak I will sit like this and you bring him in" My tact worked. There was a perverse satisfaction on his face knowing he was going to open the door for a husband while his wife was sitting semi naked in front of his boss. Deepak came in and put a brave face on seeing his pretty wife sitting like a whore with her blouse and brassiere open and her breasts hanging out. Rajiv returned to the sofa ignoring Deepak and pulled me in embrace. He removed my blouse and bra completely and then started to knead my breasts and lick my nipples. Seeing my nipple getting rock hard, Rajiv switched on to my next nipple. He continued to suck the other nipple hard. Seeing Rajiv so much engross in sucking my nipple, I slowly brought my hand down to my naval where my sari was tucked in and then gently began to pull it out. After I pulled the last end of my sari out, I gently unwrap it from over my waist and eventually my sari began to slip on the ground. Rajiv was so much engross in sucking my nipple that he didn’t notice me strip my sari and my husband Deepak‘s presence. His hands gradually slid down and taking a portion of my petticoat into his clutches he rode it up over my hips, revealing my frilled panty. "Oh, Sunita. You are so sexy!” He murmured as he inserted his both hands into my panty to feel my bare ass. He slid down and as he did, he pulled my panty to the floor along with him. He sat down on his knees and watched my bare cunt. Seeing my bare pussy he went crazy, he hugged my hips and kissed me on my hairy twat. As he continued to kiss me there, he snuggled his tongue and nose into my slit. “Ummmhhhh…” I sighed when my husband’s boss Rajiv opened up my pussy lips with his tongue and began licking my inner pink. My pussy was getting wet and from the wetness he easily came to know that I was getting hot minute after minute. “I think, Sunita, you need to sit down…” Rajiv said. And I really did, I slowly sat down on my butt; Meanwhile Rajiv undid his pant buttons and pulled his pants down. As he did that, my eyes were stuck on his cock, His briefs were still on, and from the size of his throb from over his briefs, and it seemed not less than 6 inch. Rajiv once again sat on his knees, and spreading my legs, he once again plunged his mouth into my desperate cunt. As Rajiv continued to eat my pussy, I felt the heat mounting up with my approaching orgasm. Rajiv was doing miracles to my pussy with his tongue. He dug his tongue into my love opening and licked my inner walls. Now it was too late, I was completely turned on, I didn’t care if my husband Deepak did show up now, and only thing I craved for was Rajiv’s six inch shaft. My groaning was getting wild. “Aaahhh… deeper…deeper…Oohhhh” I moaned as Rajiv’s tongue cave in to search the depth of my grotto. "Ohhhh my god," I breathed as he began to tongue fuck me faster. I felt crumbled as I desperately wanted Rajiv’s 6 inch cock inside my pussy. "Ohhhhhh, godddd!!!...Rajiv… Fuck me….Fuck me with your cock…" I whimpered. I looked at Rajiv desperately. He was smiling; smiling as if he had won some bet. He walked up over my body and when he did, I spread my legs further to accommodate him. “Deepak now I am going to fuck your wife in your bed where you should be fucking her ". Ok Sir she is all yours now" Deepak said. He adjusted himself bringing his dick facing my pussy. Rajiv rubbed his cock head into the top portion of my slit. My breathing grew heavier with the touch of his dick and my juices were now flowing out of my cunt. Rajiv began to rub his dick up and down of my drenched slit. I moaned, “Oohhh Rajiv….Put it in….Pleeease…” “Yes baby… I am going to fuck you in front of your husband.” Rajiv said and gently eased the head of his dick down to the entrance of my hot hole. The wetness had made my twat so slippery that in two thrust Rajiv began to dig the depths of my pussy. Slow but hard. And after every thrust like this my body began to shudder and my moans, “Ohh yeah…” were crossing the limits. I had forgotten that my husband was watching our action closely from only 5feet distance And after few seconds as Rajiv’s pace grew faster and harder, I felt hard contraction, my hips began to buck and I hugged him with my arms and legs tightly. I was screaming, “FUCK ME….Make me CUM” into Rajiv’s ears and then suddenly I met my climax. Rajiv wasn’t stopping, he was still fucking me, and I never knew he could hold on for a longer time, my whole mind was filled with lust. I raised my hips up against him to meet his thrusts. With every blow of his dick, I began looking forward for my second intense orgasm. But then he pulled his cock out of my withering cunt, “what happened….” I asked and he told me that he wanted me in a doggie style. Like a slave I obeyed him, I stood on my hands and legs with my butt facing towards him. Rajiv got on his knees and massaging his dick he plunged it into my pussy. He grasped my ass cheeks and began to ram me once again. My pussy was in spasm and then suddenly I felt him shooting off deep inside my pussy; he poured every drop of his sperm into my womb. I moaned ecstatically as I once again felt myself cumming. It was over, we were doing this for last 20 minutes and thank god my husband was watching all our live BP film didn’t remark until this moment. Rajiv withdrew his dick out of my spasmodic cunt. Well I stood there in the same doggie position, gasping. After he was done he dressed his pants on and walked out of the bed room with my husband. After my breathing became normal, I stood up too. I didn’t do much to cover up my body, I just pulled my petticoat up over my breasts and due to elastics it stayed over my breast covering me up to my knees. I peeped out of the door and saw Rajiv sitting next to my husband. I was sure that my husband’s posting is now final. I walked out dressed like that to go to bathroom to clean myself. I washed myself for half an hour and wrapping my body with a piece of a towel I came out. Well no one was in the bedroom. So I walked to the door and peeped out. I saw Rajiv and my husband Deepak were in busy in some official discussion. I walked back to my cupboard and opened its door. I took my nighty out and wore it. Then I looked at the time, it was 10:30 pm. This day had turned out to be unforgettable. After a while Rajiv and my Deepak came inside. I looked at them trying to figure out what’s on their mind now. But then Rajiv spoke up, he said, “Sunita Thank you for your sexy cooperation and making the game so exciting and .And don’t worry about it I won’t come to know to any other what happened between us in this night.” Rajiv’s words were very comforting. I smiled at them. After saying this they began to walk out of my bedroom. When I saw my husband walked out, and Rajiv just about to leave, I stopped Rajiv and said, “Sir…if you want to, you can come to me any time, when you feel like…you know what I mean….” I said and smiled at him. “Sure Sunita. Thank you...”. Any couple from orissa who want to share their fantasies and experiences with us may kindly email us

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fucked wife colleague

By: anurag

My wife is working as a teacher in a primary school. She had a colleague by name Jaya, now working in a call centre. She stays in a nearby building close to ours. When she was a teacher, her husband divorced her, as he got involved with another woman. Jaya has a 6-year-old daughter. Recently Jaya’s ex-husband died of cardiac arrest. Jaya now is approximately 36 years of age. She is a Malaya lee, born and brought up in Bangalore. Jaya is a very close friend of my wife. After joining call centre, sometimes she used to drop her daughter with us whenever her maidservant is on leave. The kid used to get along with us pretty well. As my wife used to attend school on Saturdays, being a holiday for me, the onus of looking after Jaya’s kid used to be on me.On one Saturday morning after my wife left for school, my daughter went out for playing in the nearby garden. When I was taking bath, my doorbell rang. I wore my towel and opened the door, expecting building kachrawala, but to my surprise, it was Jaya standing with her daughter in tow. I was embarrassed, but had no choice but to open the door and invite her in. She gave a mischievous smile and sat on the sofa. She told me that her daughter wants to play with my daughter and is not ready to stay at home. I called my daughter from my window and asked her to take this kid along for play. After the kid left, I thought Jaya would go. However, to my surprise, she started talking about her office etc. We started chatting for some time. All the while, I was wearing only a towel with nothing inside.Suddenly, she opened the topic of friends and their husbands etc. and started discussing about sex life. She showed some dirty double meaning SMS’s from her mobile to me. She started complaining about missing a man in her life. She even told me about her sex life with her husband before their divorce. While discussing, I was getting hard on, and was feeling embarrassed. She was very well aware of my discomfort, but was pretending ignorant. In fact, she was enjoying my discomfiture. I could not control for long, my manhood peeped out of my towel, while I was trying to hide it between my thighs. Seeing this she became excited and started looking at it lustily. I apologized and told her that I could not control myself. She was not perturbed but hesitatingly told me that she is seeing such a thing after long time. I became bold and asked her whether she would like to be kissed by me? To which she blushed and got up from the sofa and directly planted a kiss on my lips. I immediately grabbed her waist and passionately kissed her and trusted my tongue in her mouth. We enjoyed the kiss for 2-3 minutes.By this time, my towel was already on floor and was fully naked. I held her head and took her to my erected shaft. She grabbed it in her mouth and started licking. Meanwhile I opened buttons of her kurta and buckles of her jeans pant. She slipped out of her dress, now only on her panty and bra. I clunged on her bra and in the bargain the hooks broke. She did not mind that, and removed her panty and put it on my face and made me enjoy the scent of it. I liked that and since my shaft was throbbing, I laid her on the sofa and directly entered her without even thinking of foreplay. Her cunt was fully covered with dark bush. While entering I told her, that I like fully shaved one, and would like to see her shaved in the next encounter. She was in no mood to listen as she was on a high. She also mentioned that as I am not wearing a condom, she is slightly threatened by the probable risks. I told her not to worry, as I will withdraw in time to avoid any risks.I started banging in and outs and saw her reciprocating evenly. It was heavenly for both of us. I started feeling pressure in the balls and felt ready for burst, I tried to withdraw, but she was not fully ready for my withdrawal. I the melee I chummed heavily inside itself. She realized and did not allow me to withdraw, instead held me very close and tried to enjoy every moment of it. It was very great sex for both of us. We lay still for 5 minutes. Suddenly my doorbell rang. We were in a state of shock. I managed myself and wore the towel back. I asked her to grab her clothes and run into bathroom.I opened the door and found my 9-year-old daughter and Jaya’s daughter waiting to get inside. They wanted drinking water and my daughter wanted to use the look. Fortunately, Jaya was in bathroom, my daughter went in to the toilet and I gave drinking water to Jaya’s kid. My daughter also had some water & asked me whether Jaya auntie has left? I said yes, though her sandals were near our door. My daughter was so involved in the playful mood, they did not wait, ran out to ground for playing again. I sighed a relief. I closed the doors again and knocked on the bathroom door. Jaya was frightened and was sobbing, I tried to pacify her. I held her face and tried to calm her down. Slowly she became normal. We had bath with me cleaning her and Jaya cleaning me from top to bottom. We finished our bath, cleaned ourselves. We were exhausted and after wearing her dresses back, she sat on the sofa. I wore my undergarments and lungi and sat on the chair.I could make out that she was very happy. I thanked her for the opportunity given, and asked her whether she enjoyed fully. She shyly nodded her head. Suddenly she got up, sat on my lap, planted a kiss on my mouth, and expressed her gratitude. Before I recover from this, she had put her hand trough my lungi into my underwear and tried to open out my cock. The flaccid cock came out, and she took it in her mouth and started licking again. Within few minutes, I was ready and made her remove her pant and panty only, and bang… entered again. I made her lie on the floor this time and started fucking her. She was clutching my hairs as I was banging furiously inside her. I thought the world is revolving around us. I was banging really hard as I knew it is second consecutive in less than half an hour, and will take time to cumm.She was responding to every move of mine. She whispered saying that after 3 years she is having sex. She also told me that she used to fantasize about me while masturbating. I felt elated. Meanwhile my thrusts were still on. Suddenly I felt the pressure and removed my cock out to prepare for the cumm. She held it in hand, trusted it inside, and told me to cumm inside as she plans to take some pill to avoid the risk. I continued trusting inside, and suddenly reached point of ecstasy and chummed inside. We were breathing heavily. We held our bodies together for a long time. We again cleaned ourselves. She wore her dress & thanked me again and left my house immediately. I could not believe my luck. I was in the heaven, as I had great sex. After reaching her home, she telephoned me and again said thanks. She requested me to keep this as a secret and promised me more in the near future at the first possible opportunity. I replied that it is my pleasure to have her, and gave my consent to anytime meeting. We have continued our relationship until date.Now I have understood that apart from me, she has a steady boyfriend in her office and they share regular sex. However, our relationship is continuing. I pretend as if I am the only man in her life now. She also behaves the same way. I feel I should not destroy this bonus sex by enquiring with her about the other man. Now I generally use condom or follow withdrawal method while having sex with her. We have sex almost 3-4 times a month. Sometimes we make it two times in a session. We exchange dirty SMS’s on regular basis. My wife is blissfully ignorant about our relationship. I am planning for a weekend outing with Jaya as soon as possible, so that I can have continuous 2-3 days of sex with her. She is excellent in bed with me. I feel, I enjoy more with Jaya than with my wife. Sometimes I feel like having a baby from Jaya, but in the present circumstances, it is impossible. Recently, when my wife was on her monthly leave, I phoned Jaya and requested her for sex, and she managed a half day leave and we had sex in her home in the afternoon when her kid was in school. This adjustment capability of Jaya makes me feel good about her. Mail me -

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I fucked priti in front of her husband

By: Bikes

Hi friends, it is Bikes from Bhubaneswar again with a new experience of fucking. This is especially for the husbands who love to watch their wives fucked by another man, with a nice big cock and terrific amount of sexual experience and far more important, the confidentiality. Yes that’s why they choose us. I have written many stories about wife swapping last times in this page and you all appreciated it. Now I will be writing about how I make the couple happy and fulfill their fantasy. As you people know I had many times fucked my girl friend in my college time before her marriage and after her marriage also but this time her husband call me to fuck her I think Priti convinced her husband about this any way I received the phone from the Priti’s husband and he said that he wishes to meet me. So we decided to meet at a Park at Bhubaneswar in evening and I gave him my vehicle number to recognize me. However skipping the details, we met and he had brought his wife with him too. He introduced themselves as Deepak and Priti. The wife was beautiful and damn sexy looking. She had medium built, height about 5'2" and was fair. Her boobs were about 36 and ass 40, no narrow waist, my friend friends. Her eyes were very beautiful; almond shaped and full of expressions. After chatting for some time about birds and wind etc, I told them “ as it is the summer vacation so my wife with children are now in our native village and will return after 15days and after her returning we must do a real swapping if you prefer us”. I also told them “if you do not mind and not take it otherwise then you are both heartily invited to our house for a formal first visit and welcome party before a real meeting and swapping at any day.” They agreed to this and we fixed a Sunday for this. I told that we were staying in BDA of Bhubaneswar and informed them sector no & plot no. On that Sunday I prepared for the party with some booze and mutton. They came at 8.00 PM and we started with the cold drinks. She was wearing a yellow sari and matching blouse and looked sexy. Deepak sat next to me and Priti sat in the middle facing me on the sofa and was sipping some Coca cola. We chatted and I patted the Priti on her thighs while cutting joke. Deepak looked at me and winked. I got the message and green signal too. Till now we did not talk about sex and now I had the chance to seduce her. I kept my hand on her thigh and looked at her. She was looking at her husband and he must have signaled her something because she kept her hand on mine and pressed it. Ohhhh the touch showed all the passion burning inside her and I put my other hand over hers and squeezed in reply. I was hot now and my cock throbbed in my pants. I pushed my hand through her sari and caught her left boob. She gasped and moaned ohhhh! Deepak cane and took off her paloo from her chest showing me the two hungry boobs trying to jump out from her blouse. “Dekho meri bibi ke boobs kitne bade hai. Unko jorse dabao. Apne haath me lelo .Oh dekho mai inko nange karta hu”. And he removed his wife’s blouse and the wife fished out my cock from my pant by opening the zip and looked at it curiously. My cock stood 7 inch proud and throbbed for touch. Deepak and Priti both came near me and touched my cock. He caught it at the base and asked his wife to lick the nice cock head. “Come Priti chato ye lund ko kitna mast hai, kitna bada hai!” I felt Priti’s tongue on my cock head, moving all over it and making circles, depositing her saliva as her tongue traveled. It felt wonderful. I was pressing those two beautiful melons of his wife in front of him. Priti’s boobs were conical in shape and did not sag a bit. They were hard and fleshy. The aureoles were big and the nipples were tiny and hard. I could catch each in my hand easily. As I pressed the boobs and Priti gasped and increased her tongue action on my cock. I felt Deepak holding my cock at the base tightly, making it throb with blood. I continued to fondle the boobs and then lowering my mouth caught the nipple in my lips and then tried to put the entire breast in my mouth as if I was going to swallow it. Then I did the same with the other boob. We all were excited. I requested them to come to our bedroom if they like and they agreed .we all went to our master bedroom. Then Deepak told “let us become fully naked and enjoy the night”. And after becoming naked himself, he made his wife fully nude and made her lay on her back and asked me to lie above her in 69 position. My mouth was near his wife’s cunt and for the first time I saw the swollen pussy of his wife. The pussy had nice thin layer of pussy hair over the entire surface. Unlike the other cunts it was more swollen and stood out from its position. I parted the pussy hair and saw the pink hole which was wet now. The labia were swollen, and tick too. I could see the red tipped clitoris begin to come out of its hood waiting for touch. Her cunt was real nice and I felt like eating it. I darted my tongue out and licked the entire slit, moving my tongue all along the fleshy labia. Deepak was watching this and said, “ohh chooso! Meri bibi ki choot chooso! Dekho kaise gand hila rahi hai! Ohh Priti Bikes ka lund munha ke aander le lo! Aur usko chodo! Oh bada majja aa raha hai meri bibi ko lund chooste dekh kar. Ohh Sali kaisee choodasi hoo gayee hai!” Deepak was enjoying the real show now. Now I had my tongue in her magic hole of Priti and was fucking her with it. By this time she had swallowed my 5 inches of cock and was sucking on it, moving her head as if she was fucking it. Then I felt hands on my scrotum and they were Deepak’s! He was telling his wife to fondle my balls and roll them in her palm and showing her himself! His wife while sucking my cock now fondled my balls too! It felt wonderful friends! Now Deepak had put his hands on the boobs of his wife and was massaging them. I felt his wife suck my balls in her mouth first one then the second. She rolled them in her mouth and oohh it felt wonderful. Now Deepak lay besides his wife and was watching her each action intently and massaging his cock in his hand. I was now feeling the mouth of his wife again on my cock while her fingers rubbed my ass hole. She had managed to push her finger in my ass hole and was moving it all around, touching the sensitive sphincter. My cock jumped in her mouth with this new feeling and my tongue searched for her clit and found it swollen. “Sali ka choot chato Bikes Bahut khujala rahi hai! Ohh usko tumhara lund chooste dekh mai to maast ho gaya! Le Sali Bikes ka pura lund muha me le! Pura 7 inch! Ohh dekho kaise maast ho gayee hai mota lund chooste chooste!” Deepak encouraged her in his excitement and I too sucked her entire clit in my mouth. She jumped and moaned over my cock and took it deep in her throat and sucked hard. I thought I would come but I had to fuck his wife in her cunt more than anything and he wanted my big cock to enter her pussy and watch it stretch her and fuck her. But I had to push my fingers in the ass of Priti as she was doing the same to me. So I wetted my fingers from her cunt and put one in her ass hole. Oh it was so tight! I felt her swallow my finger and then push it out. Oh she was enjoying this! I pushed it further and found the ring of muscles controlling her canal. The inside of her ass was knotty, hot and delicate. She moaned again and now her ass moved in excitement. “Ohhh Bikes Chodo muze! I can’t wait now! Ohh put that big cock of yours in my cunt oohh dalo jaldi se! Aur dikhao mere husband ko uske bibi kaisee chudati hai! Sala meri choot me doosronka lund ghusadna chahata hai! Le dekh teri bibi kaisee chudati hai! Oohh Chodo! Chodo! Jaldi se!” While continuing PRITI said, "BIKESsssssssssss mera paani niklega (that she was about to cum)". oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooddddddddddddd, IIIIIII mmmmmmmmmm cuuuuuuummmming……Moaning ,aaaaahhhhhhh. .. Ummmmmmmhhhhhhh. ... Do what u want early Pleeeeeeeeease .....ammmhhhhhhh .. Please please please ... aaaaah aaaaaah ooooooh zor Say chuso, aur zor say chuso, aaj jitna zyaada meri boobs khay Saktay ho khalo, Deepaka yeh boobs poora muh me lay lo, poora kha jao, Ummmmm aaaah aaaaaah" "ummmmm aaaaaaaah eat me ummmmmm ah ah ah ohh aaaaah aaaaaaaaaah ummmmmm, chuso mujhay zor say ummmmmmmm Suddenly her legs started trembling i held her butts giving Support. Deep moans came her throat ,ooohhh ooohhh aaahh aaaaaaaaaauuh Oooooohhh and she cummed. She soon came shuddering and gushing all over my face with a high pitched scream. PRITI was then in full excitement and was uttering words like "…ooooohhhh…. JAAAAAN … ohh ddeeaarrr… …ooooohhhhhh…. ….uuuuuuffffff…. …aaaaahhhhh… aaaahhhhhh…. uuuiiiiii… .. aaahhhhh.. uuuummmmaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh …oooooooohhhhhhh….." I asked her "PRITI kaisa laag rahaa hai tumhein…bolo naa PRITI meri Jaan…" PRITI sighed and whispered "….dear it is very fine…I like it…you are quite expert in fucking… badaaa majaa aa rahaa hai mujhe.. Bikessssssssssssss … ….ooohhhhh dear tum bahut ach! chha chodte ho…..aaaahhhhhh….. uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh ….. oooooffffffff…. Bikessssssssssss you are an expert….you know how to fuck ….you know how to fuck a young woman….Ilike it…I like it Bikes ….go on fucking me like a slut that……yyoonn hii… haan ddeeaarr yoonn hii chodo mujhe… tum baahut achchhe ho…baass yyoon hi chodai karo meri…oooohhhhhhh….. Khoob chodo mujhe…" phad dalo meri vagina ko. I asked Priti Jaan what is the size of your husband’s penis ? Priti seen me in angry you nonsense agar bada hota to men thode hi tumse apni chut marwati aab jyada baat mat karo aaj ke liye aur aaj ke baad tumhi meri pati ho meri jaaaaan aaaab ………. Baaten kam aur Chudai jyada………… ye kehete hue Priti ne apna gaand upper ki aur uchalna suru kar diya taki mera Lund aaram se uski chut men ja sake I love you Bikesssssss I love you just fuck me like anything.And I was fucking PRITI with full vigour and speed. She was encouraging me with her words ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, come on darling give me speed ooohhh, aaaahhh, uuuuuuumm, aaaaaaaaaahhh, ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s u , ohh fuckkkkkkk aaaaaahhhhhh fuckkkk me harrrrrd, i love u Bikesssssssss, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuummmmmm 'aaaaaa…….hhhhhhhhhhh…….. uuuuuuu……….mmmmm, ooooooooo……. faaaaaaaaaaassst I need more baby I need more Bikes please fuck me , fuck me fucccccckkkkkk meee , fuccckkkkkkkkkk me you bastard. Saying so Priti took my cock out of her mouth and lay on her back, spreading her legs wide. Deepak too got up and was waiting to see my cock going into the cunt of his wife. I put my cock head on the opening and pushed my ass forward, making my cock go into the tight cunt. Priti’s cunt was wet and slippery due to the foreplay we had and I did not have any problem in pushing my entire cock in her cunt. Deepak looked with sparkles in his eyes as my entire cock disappeared in his wife’s pussy. “Ohh Bikes sees how your cock stretched the poor cunt of Priti. Fuck her! Chodo sali ko! Ohh my wife taking your cock in her cunt before her husband! Ohh fuck her! I want to see her happy with your cock. Ffuucckkk hherrr!” With that I started to thrust my cock in and out of the tight cunt her. Priti was moving her ass in circular motion to rub her entire cunt on my cock and moaning loudly. I could feel my cock touching her inner depths and her cunt muscles gripping my cock. Oohh what a cunt! As I fucked my cock into her I could feel her vagina getting more wet and making my cock feel better. Ohhh fuckkk! So nice! I caught her two swaying boobs in my hands and kneaded them hard, fucking her fast. PRITI was then in full excitement and was uttering words like "…ooooohhhh…. JAAAAAN … ohh ddeeaarrr… …ooooohhhhhh…. ….uuuuuuffffff…. …aaaaahhhhh… aaaahhhhhh…. uuuiiiiii… .. aaahhhhh.. uuuummmmaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh …oooooooohhhhhhh….." I asked her "PRITI kaisa laag rahaa hai tumhein…bolo naa PRITI meri Jaan…" PRITI sighed and whispered "….dear it is very fine…I like it…you are quite expert in fucking… badaaa majaa aa rahaa hai mujhe.. Bikessssssssssssss … ….ooohhhhh dear tum bahut ach! chha chodte ho…..aaaahhhhhh….. uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh ….. oooooffffffff…. Bikessssssssssss you are an expert….you know how to fuck ….you know how to fuck a young woman….Ilike it…I like it Bikes ….go on fucking me like a slut that……yyoonn hii… haan ddeeaarr yoonn hii chodo mujhe… tum baahut achchhe ho…baass yyoon hi chodai karo meri…oooohhhhhhh….. Khoob chodo mujhe…" phad dalo meri vagina ko. I asked Priti Jaan what is the size of your husband’s penis ? Priti seen me in angry you nonsense agar bada hota to men thode hi tumse apni chut marwati aab jyada baat mat karo aaj ke liye aur aaj ke baad tumhi meri pati ho meri jaaaaan aaaab ………. Baaten kam aur Chudai jyada………… ye kehete hue Priti ne apna gaand upper ki aur uchalna suru kar diya taki mera Lund aaram se uski chut men ja sake I love you Bikesssssss I love you just fuck me like anything. And I was fucking PRITI with full vigour and speed. She was encouraging me with her words ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, come on darling give me speed ooohhh, aaaahhh, uuuuuuumm, aaaaaaaaaahhh, ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s u , ohh fuckkkkkkk aaaaaahhhhhh fuckkkk me harrrrrd, i love u Bikesssssssss, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuummmmmm 'aaaaaa…….hhhhhhhhhhh…….. uuuuuuu……….mmmmm, ooooooooo……. faaaaaaaaaaassst I need more baby I need more Bikes please fuck me , fuck me“Ohh mere balls dabao Bikes! Jorse! ohh fuckkkkkkk aaaaaahhhhhh fuckkkk me harrrrrd, i love u Bikesssssssss, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuummmmmm Meri choot phad dalo! Chodo muze! Mera pati kaise dekh raha hai! Dekho tumhari bibi dusroo ka lund lete hue! Dekho! Oohh mmmaastt laag raha hai ri! Sala mota lund meri choot me dalkar dekho kaise chod raha hai! Oohhhh yyeesss ffuucckk mmeee! Chodoo! Aahhh aaiiii!” Priti was delirious with the pleasure my cock was giving to her, and her hubby watching her get laid by my big cock. I felt her cunt muscles alternately contract and relax and her cunt spraying cunt juice on my cock as she came. PRITI said, "BIKESsssssssssss mera paani niklega (that she was about to cum)". oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooddddddddddddd, IIIIIII mmmmmmmmmm cuuuuuuummmming……Moaning ,aaaaahhhhhhh. .. Ummmmmmmhhhhhhh. ... Do what u want early Pleeeeeeeeease .....ammmhhhhhhh .. Please please please ... aaaaah aaaaaah ooooooh zor Say chuso, aur zor say chuso, aaj jitna zyaada meri boobs khay Saktay ho khalo, Deepaka yeh boobs poora muh me lay lo, poora kha jao, Ummmmm aaaah aaaaaah" "ummmmm aaaaaaaah eat me ummmmmm ah ah ah ohh aaaaah aaaaaaaaaah ummmmmm, chuso mujhay zor say ummmmmmmm Suddenly her legs started trembling i held her butts giving Support. Deep moans came her throat ,ooohhh ooohhh aaahh aaaaaaaaaauuh Oooooohhh and she cummed. “Oohhh I am ccooommiinngg!” And with this she became still and thrust her cunt on my ass. Ohh I never saw a lady come so strong. Her husband watched her come and kissed her on the lips joining in the throes of passion of his wife. “Ohhh come Bikes! Let her feel your hot come in her pussy! Ohhh see how she enjoyed! Come in her cunt! Come! And I could not control myself and came deep in her cunt. Her cunt muscles relaxed to welcome my hot sperm in the depths of her pussy. Oohhh what a coming! I lay on top of Priti and kissed her for the satisfaction she gave me. My cock started to go limp and came out of her cunt allowing the thick globs of sperm to come out of her cunt. Deepak went to his wife’s cunt and rubbed my come all over it smiling happily and kissing and licking his wife’s just fucked cunt. In that he also licked away my come out of his wife’s pussy. While he was doing this, he took out his cock and thrust it in her cunt. Feeling her husband’s cock inside the Priti immediately started to move her ass to fuck him. “Ohh yes now I can fuck you! Ohh her cunt is so slippery with the come! Ohh god yesss I love to fuck you with all the come inside! Ohhh yyeessss! And he fucked her very fast and hastily. I wondered and watching this. Deepak fucked his wife in front of me. Ohh and I felt Priti’s mouth on my cock again and she was sucking it while her hubby was fucking her! “Ohh see her! Dekho sali dusra lund choos rahi hai aur mai uskee choot maar raha hu! Ohh I want her to be fucked by many cocks! Oohhh yes suck that cock! Chooso! Priti! Ohh yeesss I aamm ccommiinngg! His body went limp and he came in his wife’s cunt and lay on her gasping for breath. Priti too came with shivering of her body and she was shaking all over as she came. My cock was still buried in her mouth! I felt her mouth tighten and even her teeth scrap my cock as she came. Then Priti took away my cock from her mouth and caressed her husband very lovingly, kissing him lightly all over and thanking him for all this. I saw what real love was! This was the love, which I could see now! The total understanding between the husband and wife! Yes it was great! I felt it and saw it too. The wife, who was just fucked by another man, before her husband, caressing him so affectionately after he came. We rested for some time and then we had our dinner. In the night I fucked his Priti twice, once in the cunt and then in the ass. Every time during my fucking her husband Deepak used to get erection and could fuck his wife and that was sufficient for her to achieve most intense orgasms I rarely saw. Comments and suggestions are welcome from viewers. Please send your comments on :

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Babhi chudi apne boss se

By: Mohan

Main Mohan fm hayrana se kafi mahino ke baad es site pe apni ek new kahani lekar aaya hun. ye kahani aaj se thik 1 saal pahle ki hai aasha karta hun ki pahle ke tarah es baar bi mujhe aap aapna aecha response doge. Story padne se pahle land wale apna land hath main nikal le aor chut wali apni chut main ungli karma suru kar de because kahani bahut interested hai aor Kahani es prakar hai meri ek babhi delhi main rahti hai jisko main bi kayi baar chod chukka hun vaise to aap ko peta hi hai mere hathiyar aor power ke bare main phir kuch new reader ke liye beta deta hun mere land 9.5 inch longa and 3.2 inch mota hai aor ab tak kayi ladki aor aorton ki chudayi kar chuka hai. To dosto main apni es babhi ko chodne delhi uske flate par pahuncha aor vahan ja kar maine dinner kiya aor mere ye bahiya army main hain aor meri babhi JBT teacher hai aor jo haal main prompt hoke BED post par aa gayi vo BED post par kaise aayi vo kahani main aapko suna reha hun. To main dinner karke babhi se raat ke progarame ke bare main kahne lega to babhi boli ki aaj tumare sath kuch nahi ho sakta because ki usne apne boss ko bula rekha tha to maine babhi se request ki keya main chudayi dekh sakta hun to kafi request karne ke baad babhi man gayi aor mujhe drawing room main chupa diya aor bachon ko slipping pills dekar sula diya. Meri babhi jinki umar 30 saal ki hai. babhi ek MCD ke school main JBT teacher thi ab vo BED post pe hai. mai bhi ek private company main kam karta hun. Babhi aksar apne boss ki tarif karti rahti thi. main bhi unke boss se ek baar mil chuka tha. jab mai unke sath unke school geya tha. Karib 9 baje dor bell baji. Babhi ne darwaja khola to samne vahi boss kheda tha main dinning table ke niche baitha daikh reha tha babhi ne unko namaskar kiya aor andar aane ko keha aor vo andar aa gaye unke andar aate hi babhi ne darwaja andar se band kar diya. Wo sofe par baith gaye aor unhone babhi ka hath pakad kar unko apni taraf kheech liya. Room mein ek night lamp hi jal rahi thi aor lagbhag roshni aechi thi. babhi ne unse bathroom jane ko kaha aor bathroom chali gayi. Bathroom se bahar aate hi usne babhi ko deewar ke sahare khada kar diya aor babhi ke hoton ko chumne lage. Wo dheere dheere bite karte hue babhi ke lips ko chusne lage. babhi ko sayad bahut sharam aa rahi thi. Wo babhi ke juban ko apne muh mein le kar chusne lage. babhi ek dam pagal si ho rahi thi jaise jannat ka maza aa raha ho. Mujhe nahin maloom tha ki babhi ko yun daikhne main bhi itna maza aayega. Main sochne laga ki jab kiss karte dekhne mein itna maza aa raha hai to chudwate huye dekhne me kitna maz aata hoga. Wo babhi ke juban ko chuse ja rahe the aor unke haath babhi ke peeth par chal rahe the. Unhone babhi ko apne hathon mein kas liya aor babhi unse ek dam chipak gayi. Unka garam badan aor sanso ko saayad babhi mahsoos kar rahi thi. Phir unka baya haath babhi ke waist par ja kar ruk gaya aor phir babhi ke baayi chuchi par aa kar ruk gaya. Meri to saans hi rukne lagi. babhi poori tarah se kaanp gayi aor kasmasakar unko hatane ki ek nakam si koshish ki, par unhone babhi ko kas kar dabocha huya tha. Unhone babhi ke face apne hathon me liya aor babhi ke lower lips ko chusne lage. Wo babhi ke lips ko karreb 3-4 minute tak chuste rahe aor babhi betaab hone lagi. Unhone babhi ke haath ko pakad kar apne kandhe par rakha aor apne hathon mein babhi ko lapet liya. babhi ki chuchiyan unki chhati se ek dam sat gayi. Unhone apne haathon ko babhi ke peeth par phirna shuru kar diya. babhi to jaise poori tarah se kho gayi. Phir unhone babhi ko deewar ki taraf muh karke khade hone ko kaha. babhi ne apna muh deewar ki taraf kar liya aor babhi ki peeth unki taraf thi. Unhone phir babhi ke choochi par haath rakha aor babhi ke kaan ke neeche jeebh se chatne lage. babhi to jaise ek dam pagal si hone lagi. Phir dheere-2 unhone babhi ke neck par bites karni shuru kar di aor babhi aahein bahrne lagi. Unhone babhi ke kaan mein kaha, "rani meri jaan, tu bahut namkeen hai, I love you." babhi sirf, "sir...." hi kah saki. Maine mahsoos kiya babhi ke gaand ke beecho beech unka garam lund sata hua tha. Unhone kab apna under wear utar diya mujhe josh mein pata bhi nahin chala. Mujhe ab dar bhi lagne laga aor achchha bhi lag raha tha. Main poori tarah se excite ho gaya tha. babhi ne apni gaand ko unki taraf kar diya taaki unka lund theek se adjust ho sake. Unke haath ab dheere dheere babhi ke salwar ke naade par aa gaya. Unhone babhi ko kiss karte hue ek jhatke mein hi salwar ke naade ko khol diya. babhi ki salwar sarak kar neeche zamin par gir gayi. Unhone bina der kiye babhi ki panty bhi kas kar pakad li aor ek jhatke mein utar di. Ab babhi ki nangi gaand par unka lund laga hua tha. Main itna josh mein aa gayaa tha ki mere lund se paani bhi chhoot gaya tha. Main unka lund dekhna chahta tha lekin mera muh to unke pith ki taraf tha. Phir wo babhi ke kameez ko upar ki taraf karne lage. babhi aor josh mein aa gayi aor babhi ne sahuliyat ke liye apne haath upar ki taraf kar diye. Unhone babhi ke kameez utar di. Kameez utarne ke baad unhone pichhe se babhi ke bra ka hook khol diya aor ek jhatke se babhi ke bra ko utar kar phenk diya. Main umang se laal ho gayaa. Meri aankhon ke samne Pahli baar babhi kisi mard ke samne ek dam nangi ho gayi thi. Phir unhone peechhe se babhi ke boobs ko dono hathon mein pakad liya aor maslne lage. Phir unhone babhi ke nipples ko masalna shuru kiya to babhi siskariyan bharne lagi. Unhone babhi ko deewar ke sahare aor daba diya. babhi ke gaand par unka lund sataa hua tha aor babhi ka dono boobs unki mutthi mein the. Wo ungli aor anguthe se babhi ke nipples ko diwanardi se masalne lage. babhi to jaise josh mein ek dam pagal si ho rahi thi. 10 minute baad wo babhi ko pakad kar drawing ke diwan ke paas le gaye aor diwan par baithne ko kaha. babhi diwan par baith gayi. Unhone light on kar di. Jaise hi roshni huyee babhi apne badan ko chhupane ke liye chadar ko kheench kar apni taraf karne lagi to unhone wo chadar bhi kheench kar phenk di. Babhi ek kabootri ki tarah shikari ke jaal mein thi aor wo babhi ko upar se niche tak nihar rahe the. Unka mota aor lamba tana hua lund babhi ke samne tha. mujhe dekh ke saaf pata chal raha tha ki unka lund 8" lamba aor 2.7" mota hai aor main yahi smajhta tha ki sabhi mardon ka lund bhi lagbhag mere jitna hi bada hota hoga, lekin unka lund to bahut hi mota aor lamba tha. Main unke lund ko dekh kar hairan rah gaya. babhi unke lund ko haath se pakadna chahti thi aor muh mein le kar choosna bhi chahti thi lekin sharam ke mare babhi unse kuch bhi nahin kaha. Tabhi unhone kaha, "Rani, isko pyar karo, pakdo ise aor muh mein lekar chooso isko." Unhone babhi ke haatho ko pakad kar apne lund par rakh diya aor bole, "Pata hai yeh 10 inch lamba, aor 3.5 inch mota hai." Main to ek dam josh mein aa geya tha jaise unke man ki murad bhi poori ho rahi thi. babhi ne turant hi unka lund haath mein pakda aor sahlane lagi. Main sochne lagi ki itna mota aor lamba lund babhi ke chut aor gaand mein kaise jayega. Halanki mera land bi babi abdi muskil se leti hai magar uska to aor bi beda aor mota tha. babhi ki chut to abhi bahut hi chhoti thi. Wo bole, "rani, muh mein lekar chooso isko." babhi ne unke lund ko pakad kar apne jeebh se chatne lagi. Thodi hi der baad babhi ne use muh mein le liya aor lund ka topa choosne lagi. Thodi der tak choosne par unka lund aor tan gaya. Wo babhi ke muh mein apne lund ko andar bahar karne lage. 5 minute mein unke lund se paani nikla aor babhi ke muh mein bhar gaya. babhi ne thookna chaha to wo bole, "Rani, pee jayo is amrit ko." babhi unke lund ka sara paani nigal liya aor phir unke lund ko apne jeebh se chat kar saaf karne lagi. Thodi hi der mein unka lund poori tarah phir tan gaya. babhi bhi josh se apne aapko kaabu mein nain rakh paa rahi thi aor boli, "Sir, plz jaldi kuchh kiziye na. Nahin to main pagal ho jaungi." Wo babhi ke oopar se hat gaye aor diwan se niche utar kar khade ho gaye. Unhone babhi ke gaand ko diwan ke kinare par rakh diya aor wo babhi ke tangon ke beech aa kar khade ho gaye. Babhi diwan par aadhi leti hui thi aor uske legs jamin par the. Unhone babhi ke legs ko haathon se pakad kar phaila diya aor apne lund ki topi babhi ke chut ke beech mein rakh di. Mere sare badan mein aag si lag gayi. Tabhi unhone ek jahtka diya, unka aadha lund babhi ke chut ko phadta huya andar ghus gaya. babhi dard se chilla uthi, uyeee....... . maa......... mar........ jaungi...... . main........ .. aahhh....... .. Sir......... . ruk jaiye.... plz........ . babhi kaharne lagi to wo ruk gaye aor apne lund ko babhi ke chut se bahar nikal liya. Unhone babhi ke gaand ko utha kar ek takiya niche rakh diya. Ab babhi ki chut thoda aor upar ho gayi. Wo babhi ke upar jhuk gaye aor babhi ke hothon ko apne muh mein le liya. Phir unhone apne lund ka topa babhi ke chut ke beech rakha aor ek jor daar dhakka mara. babhi ki cheekh nikal te nikal te rah gayi kyon ki unhone babhi ke hothon ko apne hothon se daba rahkha tha. babhi dard se karah uthi to wo ruk gaye. Unka aadha lund ghus chuka tha. 2-3 minute tak babhi ke oopar lete rahne ke bad unhone dheere dheere lund ko andar bahar karna shuru kar kiya. babhi abhi bhi dard se karah rahi thi. Wo phir ruk gaye aor babhi ke hothon ko choosne lage. Achanak unhone ek jordar dhakka diya. Unka lund sansanata hua babhi ke chut mein aor jyada andar tak ghus gaya. babhi chillane lagi. Wo bole, "Rani, meri jaan abhi tak to ye 6" hi andar ghusa hai aor tum itna chilla rahi ho." babhi ne unse ruk jene ko kaha lekin wo nahin ruke aor babhi ko teji se chodne lage. Bijli ki tarah unka lund babhi ke chut mein andar bahar hone laga. Jaise hi babhi ki cheekh kuchh kam hoti wo ek dhakka zor se laga dete aor babhi phir cheekh padti thi. Kuchh der tak wo isi tarah chodte rahe. Dheere dheere unka poora lund babhi ke chut ki gahrayi tak jagah bana chuka tha aor tezi ke saath andar bahar ho raha tha. babhi dard se tadap rahi thi. 8-10 minute ke baad babhi ko bhi maza aane laga. babhi ne apne hanth unki kamar par kas diye aor apni gaand utha utha kar chudwane lagi aor unka saath dene lagi. Wo bole, "shabash meri rani, ab to tujhe chudwana aa gaya." Wo babhi ko lagbhag 15-20 minute tak chodte rahe. Is daoran babhi 3-4 baar jhad chuki thi aor wo the ki rukne ka naam hi nahin le rahe the. Wo babhi ke oopar se hat gaye aor babhi ko ghodi ki tarah ban jane ko kaha. babhi uth kar zamin par aa gayi aor ghodi ki tarah ho gayi. Unhone babhi ki kamar pakad kar apna lund peeche se babhi ke chut mein daal diya. Babhi phir dard se kaharne lagi par unhone babhi ko smajhaya ki baad mein maza aayega. Ye chodne ki sab se achchhi style hai. Kuchh hi der mein babhi ka dard jaise kam ho gaya aor babhi ko maza aane laga. babhi ab apni gaand ko peechhe push kar kar ke taal se taal milane lagi. 10-15 minute ke baad wo babhi ke chut mein hi jhad gaye. Unhone apna lund babhi ke chut se bahar nikal kar babi ke munh mein de diya. Babhi ne unka lund chat chat kar saaf kiya aor wo dono saath hi saath zamin par hi let gaye. Wo babhi ko pyar se choomne lage. Kuch der baad unhone babhi se kaha, "Rani, aor maza dogi ." babhi ne apna sar haan mein hila diya. Tab unhone apna lund, jo ki phir khada ho gaya tha babhi ke hath mein de diya aor bole, "Rani, lo ise pyar karo aor chooso." babhi unka lund muh mein le liya aor choosne lagi. Thodi der baad unka lund ek dam garam lohe ki tarah ho gaya. Unhone apne muh mein babhi ka baya boob le liya aor daaye ko mutthi se kas kar dabane lage. "Kya sakht chuchiyan hain teri, Rani." Unhone babhi ke dono chuchiyon ko kas liya aor beech me apni jeebh phirane lage. babhi ne bhi apni baho se unke sir ko pakad liya aor apni chuchiyon ko upar ki taraf kar diya. Wo bole, "Rani, kya mast cheez hai tu", aor unhone babhi ke boobs ko jeebh se chatna start kar diya. Ek haath se wo babhi ke ek nipple ko masal rahe the aor dusari nipple ko apne daant se kaatne lage. Phir dheere dheere wo kiss karte huye babhi ke kamar tak aa gaye. Phir unhone apni beech ki ungli babhi ke chut mein ghusa di. "uff...." babhi tadap uthi. Unki ungli babhi ke chut mein andar bahar hone lagi. babhi ko bhi maza aane laga aor babhi aahein barne lagi. Achanak wo uthe aor babhi ke pairon ke beech mein aa gaye. Sir ne babhi ke pair uthaye aor apne kandho par rakh liya. Unka tana hua lund babhi ke chut se bas kewal ek inch ki hi doori par tha. Sir ne babhi ke aankho mein dekha aor bole, "chodun, meri rani." babhi ne apna sar haan mein hila diya aor apni chut ko unke lund se sata diya aor boli, "dheere dheere chodiyega please, bahut dard hota hai." Unhone babhi ke gaand ke neeche ek takiya rakh diya. Sir babhi ke choochi ko pakada aor nipples ko masalte hue apne lund ko babhi ke chut mein ghusane lage. Abhi tak unhone ek bhi dhakka nahi maara tha lekin unka aadha lund babhi ke chut mein ghus chuka tha. babhi ke choochi ko dabate huye aor dono nipples ko kheechte huye Sir bole, " ek baar mein pura andar logi." babhi to ek dam josh mein thi aor babhi ne dard ki parwah na karte huye kaha, "Haan." Unhone apna lund bahar nikal liya. iske pahle ki babhi kuchh samajh pati ki unhone ek hi dhakke mein apna poora lund wapas babhi ke chut ki gahrayee tak ghusa diya. babhi apni cheekh badi mushkil se rok payee. Babhi ne apni aankhein band kar li. Wo apna poora lund babhi ke chut mein dale huye thodi der ruke rahe. babhi ne jab apni aankhein kholi to wo bole, "Abhi 1" baaki rah gaya hai meri jaan." Unhone ek aor jhatka diya to unki dono balls babhi ke chut par takra gayi. Main samajh gayaa ki ab unka poora lund babhi ke chut mein ghus chuka hai. Unhone babhi ko teji se chodna shuru kar diya. babhi ke pairo ki payal unke har dhakke ke saath bajne lagi. Payal ki aawaz se unhein aor josh aane laga aor wo babhi ko tezi ke saath chodne lage. Unke haath abhi bhi babhi ke choochi ke nipples ko masal rahe the aor babhi ko dard ho raha tha. Dheere dheere wo dard maze mein badal gaya aor babhi bhi apna gaand utha utha kar unka saath dene lagi. Jab unka lund babhi ke chut mein pura ghusta tha wo babhi ke nipples ko jor se daba dete the aor babhi dard se tadap jaati thi. Thodi der baad unhone babhi ke pair ko uthaya aor babhi ke kandhon ki tarf jhuka diya ab babhi ek dam dohri ho gayi aor babhi ki chut aor oopar uth aayee. Unhone babhi ke pairon ko pakad kar bahut hi teji ke saath babhi ki chudayee karni shuru kar di. Wo babhi ke chut mein lund ko andar dalte waqt babhi ke pairon ko daba dete the to babhi ki chut aor oopar uth jati thi aor unka lund babhi ke chut ki gahrayee tak ghus jata tha. babhi unke lund ko apne bachchedani ke muh par mahsoos kar rahi thi. babhi aor bhi josh mein aa gayi aor apni aankhein band kar li. babhi ke muh se kewal yahi aawazein nikal rahi thi, "sir.... aise........ hi aor kass....... kasss....... karrr....... ... jor........ se chodiye..... ... aor..... jor..... se........ chodiye..... ...... phad.. ..... dijiye..... meri........ . choot....... ... ko." Babhi josh se ek dam pagal huyi ja rahi thi. Unka mota aor lamba lund babhi ke kasi huyee chut ki chudayee kar kar ke uska muh chauda kiye ja raha tha. babhi ke chut abhi tak dheeli nahin huyee thi. Wo babhi ke upar aor jyada jhuk gaye aor poori tezi ke saath babhi ki chudayee karne lage. babhi ki dono pairon ko unhone ab side mein kar ke apni kamar se lapet liya. Unka chehre ka pasina babhi ke chehre par tap tap gir raha tha. Wo rukne ka naam hi nahin le rahe the. babhi ab tak 2-3 baar jhad chuki thi. Unhone babhi ko aor daba diya to dekh kar meri to jaise jaan hi nikal gayi. Unke lund se bhi paani nikalne laga aor babhi ke chut bharne lagi. kyoki wo ab dhile pad gaye. Wo thodi der babhi ke uper pade rahe aor babhi unhein kiss karti rahi. Wo ab babhi ke upar se hat gaye aor babhi ke bagal mein let gaye. Thodi der baad babhi ne unke murjhaye huye lund ko apne haathon me liya. Unke muh se aah nikal gayi, "Rani, uhh.... please...... ." Unhone babhi ke aankhon me dekha jaise ek baar phir chodne ki izazat mang rahe ho. babhi ne apne hothon ko daant se kaat te huye kaha, "agar aap bura na mano to main aap ke lund ko phir se chusna chahti hoon, plz." Wo bole, "ismein izazat ki kya baat hai, ye lund to ab sirf tumhara hi hai." babhi unke pairon ke beech mein aakar baith gayi. babhi ne dono haathon se unke lund ko pakada aor lund ki tip par dheere se kiss kiya. Sir babhi ko bade pyar se dekh rahe the. babhi unki taraf dekh kar aankh maari aor wapis apne hothon ko lund par rakh diya. Dheere dheere wo phir tan gaya. Mere kano mein Sir ki aahein sunayee pad rahi thi, jo mujhe josh se aor pagal bana rahi thi. Phir babhi ne us lund ki tip ko muh mein le liya. Lund ko pakad kar babhi apne muh ko upar neeche karne lagi aor unka lund bilkul tan gaya. Babhi use kulphi ki tarah chatna shuru kar diya.babhi uth kar Sir ke upar aa gayi. Apne haath se lund ko position mein kar ke babhi ne uski topi par apni chut ke beech rakh diya aor upar se dabane lagi par sirf topi hi babhi ke chut mein ghus payee. babhi tarsati nighahon se Sir ki taraf dekha. Wo babhi ke ishara samajh gaye. Unhone babhi ke kamar ko pakad kar kas ke niche kiya to ek jhatke se unka aadhe se jyada lund babhi ke chut mein ghus gaya. Ab babhi dheere dheere upar neeche hone lagi aor Sir babhi ke kamar ko pakade hue the. babhi ne apni aankhein band kar li aor chudayee ka maza lene lagi. Sir ne babhi ko pose change karne ko kaha aor babhi ke chut se bina lund nikale wo bistar ke kinare par le gaye. sir ke pair jameen ki taraf latke hue the. babhi unki god main thi. Is tarah wo ab babhi ki choochi ko muh mein lene lage aor babhi phir se chudayee shuru kar di. Wo bole, "rani, meri jaan... maza aa gaya..... Sir ek dam josh mein aa gaye aor unhone babhi ko bistar par lita kar babhi ke dono pair uthaye aor apna khada lund ek hi jhatke se babhi ke chut mein pura ghusa diya aor babhi ko chodne lage. babhi ne bhi apne pairon mein unko kas kar lapet liya. Wo apna aadhe se jyada lund bahar nikalte aor jordar dhakka marte huye wapas babhi ki chut ki gahrayee tak dal dete. babhi ne apni aankhein band kar li aor unke har dhakke ke saath apni gaand ko utha utha kar dhakka dene lagi. Unki raftaar badhne lagi aor wo itni tej ho gayi ki pata hi nahi laga kab dono kab jhad gaye. dono ek dosre ki bahon mein lipat kar let gaye. Lagbhag 30 minute bad Sir ne apna lund babhi ke hathon mein de diya. Wo phir tan gaya tha. Unhone apne lund ko babhi se choosne ko kaha aor babhi unka lund chusne lagi. 5 minute mein hi unka lund phir lohe hi tarah ho gaya. Wo bole, "Rani, ab tum ghodi ban jao." babhi zamin par aa kar ghodi ban gayi. Wo bole, "Rani, ab main tumhari gaand marunga." babhi dar gayi. keyoki mujhe aisa lag raha tha ki Sir ko gaand bahut pasand hai. Wo bhi apne patni ki gaand mar chuke the aor kahte thi ki gaand marane mein bhi bahut maza aata hai.babhi ne kaha, "bahut dard hoga, plz." Wo bole, "tum ghabrayo mat main aaram se tumari ghand chodunga." babhi bhi mast ho gayi aor boli, "OK, aap to mere boss hai, mera sab kuch apka hi to hai. Aap jo chahe wo kare. Aaj apki Rani apke lund ki gulam hai. Sir, mariye meri gaand ko, phad diziye ise bhi. Main kitna bhi chillaoon aap rukiyega mat, apni Rani ki chut ki tarah khub dil legakar ghand chodiyega aeche se apni rani ke ghand main apna loda peliyega." Wo babhi ke peechhe aa gaye aor apne lund aor babhi ke gaand par dher sara vaseline laga diya. Phir unhone babhi ke gaand ke chhed par apne lund ki topi ko rakha aor babhi ke kamar ko pakad liya aor dheere dheere apne lund ko babhi ke gaand mein ghusane lage. babhi chillane lagi. Abhi tak unke lund ki sirf topi hi ghus payee thi. Unhone babhi ke gaand ke chhed ko haathon se phailaya aor phir se babhi ke kamar pakad kar ek dhaka diya. babhi dard se apna sar idhar udhar karne lagi. Unhone thoda zor aor lagaya to babhi chillane lagi. Wo bole, "Rani meri jaan agar tum chillayogi to kaise kaam banega. Abhi to ye 3" hi andar ghusa hai." babhi kaha, mere chillane ki ap parwah mat kiziye. Ghusa diziye apne pure lund ko meri gaand mein. Phad daliye ise." Unhone babhi ke muh mein ek hanth rakh diya aor kamar ko pakad kar dhakke par dhakka lagate huye apne lund ko babhi ke gaand mein ghusane lage. babhi ke gaand mein jaise bahut dard hone laga aor unka lund babhi ke gaand mein aor gahrayee tak ghusne laga. Wo bole, "shabash Rani, mera lund ab tumhari gaand mein 6" tak ghus chuka hai. Thoda sabar aor karo. Maine abhi ise tumhari gaand mein poora ghusa deta hoon." Dard se babhi ki haalat kharab hone lagi. Wo tezi se babhi ke gaand ko chodne mein lage the aor rukne ka naam hi nahin le rahe the. babhi ki gaand chaudi hoti gayi aor dard badhta gaya. Gaand mein dard ki wajah se babhi siskiyan leti rahi. babhi ke aansu bhi nikal aaye par babhi himmat nahi haari. Jab unka lund poora ghus gaya to Sir ruk gaye. Thodi der mein dard dheere dheere kam ho gaya to unhone phir dheere dheere pelna shuru kar diya. Wo apna aadha lund bahar nikalte aor wapas ek hi dhakke mein poora lund andar tak dal dete. babhi bhi ab apni gaand unke har dhakke ke saath hilane lagi. Halan ki dard abhi khatam nahi hua tha. Unhone dhakka lagana aor tej kar diya. Ab wo full speed se babhi ko chodne lage. Ab wo apna pura lund bahar nikalte aor wapas teji ke saath andar ghusa dete. Mujhe biswas nahin ho raha tha ki itna lamba aor mota lund babhi kaise apni gaand mein le pa rahi thi. Wo bahut maze le le kar babhi ki gaand ko chodne mein lage huye the. babhi aor jyada mast ho gayi thi aor apni gaand push karte hue boli, "Sir, peliye... Mujhe, meri gaand phad diziye... Apni Rani ki gaand chaudi kar daliye... . Mujhe diwanagi se peliye.. Sir." Unhone babhi ke gaand pakad kar apna lund aor gahrayee tak ghusa diya. Thodi der baad Sir hat gaye aor dono bistar par aa gaye. Unhone babhi ko apni god mein bitha liya aor apna lund neeche se babhi ke gaand mein de diya. Ab babhi upar neeche hokar gaand ko chudwane lagi. Bahut maza aa rahaa tha babhi ko. sayed ab dard bhi nahi tha. Phir unhone babhi ko bistar par lita diya aor babhi ke pair upar kar ke 2-3 takiya babhi ke gaand ke neeche rakh diya. babhi ki gaand itni upar ho gayi ki wo aaram se apna lund ghusa sakein. Unhone phir se babhi ko chodna shuru kar diya. Pahle dheere dheere aor phir bahut hi teji ke saath. Agle 20-25 minute tak wo babhi ko esi tarah se chodte rahe. babhi apni aankhein band kiye huye thi aor 3-4 baar babhi ke chut se paani nikal chuka tha. Thodi der mein wo bhi babhi ke gaand mein hi jhad gaye aor done phir bister par let gaye. done ki sansein phooli huyee thi. 20-25 minute aise hi pade rahene ke baad babhi bathroom mein chali gayi. Wapas aane par babhi ne dekha ki Sir apne hathon se lund ko sahla rahe the. babhi abhi tak nangi hi thi. Unhone babhi ko ghodi banakar phir se chodna shuru kar diya. Poori raat mein unhone babhi ke chut ko 5 baar choda aor 2 baar babhi ki gaand bhi maari. babhi jab subah baathroom me gayi to unki gaand phuli hui thi. babhi ki chut bhi sooj kar ek dam double roti ki tarah ho gayi thi. Jab babhi nahane gayi to Sir ne babhi ko bathroom mein hi phir gaand maar diya. Bathroom se naha kar wapas aane ke bad bhi wo nahin mane aor babhi ko phir se chod diya. Ab subah ho chuki thi. sir ne bhi naha kar chay piyi aor jab kapda pahan kar chalne ki taiyari ki to gate pe jakar ek jordar hothon pe chuma jad diya aor phir bye bye kah kar chal diye. Jaise hi babhi ne darwaja band kiya to main dinnig table ke niche se nikla aor apna land hath main liye bahar nikla puri raat aankho ke samne chudayi daikhar mere bura haal tha land chut ke liye tadap reha tha babhi bi buri tarah se thaki huyi thi. Magar main jab babhi ke paas gaya to babhi bahut khus thi. Maine babhi ki taraf apne lode ko beda diya to babhi mena karne lagi ki mohan meri jera bi himmat nahi hai aaj Sunday aap din main mujhe chod lena ab rahne lekin main kahan man new ala tha maine kaha randi ki tarah apne boss se huchak huchak kar chudwva rahi thi aor mujhe mena kar rahi Sali kuti chal ghodi ban ja aor babhi ko ghodi benakar karib 1 ghante tak chodta reha es doran main do baar apna virya babi ki chut mai nikala aor phir babhi ke sath uske bedroom main so gaye aor phir karib hamri 12:30 baje aankh khuli tab babi kuch aecha feel kar rahi. Babhi bacho aor ham sab ke liye lunch benaya aor khaya aor phir bachon ko park main chumne bhaij diya aor phir dophar baad maine bi babhi ko choda aor phir puri raat babhi ko chodta reha aor subah uthakar nasta kiya aor apne office aa geya aor ab bi main kayi baar babi ko chodne chela jata hun. (

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My wife on a date

By: Prakash

Hello readers, this is my first tome on this site for a story, that too about my wife. My name is Prakash and her name is Megha, she is very sexy with a good figure and the best part is her ass. There is nobody who has not turned and looked her ass again. She works in a hospital as the admin in charge, we were in Dubai then. I was working for an airlines company. One day she came and told that one of her vendor an Arab wants to marry her, I just laughed and giggled at her, this is not the first time she is getting an offer for marriage. Some days later she again came and said that the guy knew I was married and so he asked her whether she can go with him for a date once. This time too I laughed as usual, this went on a regular basis and the Arab started to flirt with her. She comes home has to say only about him, daily. One day she came and said about the Arab, I asked about him and was shocked. He was an old man, was 70 year old, he is a widower and his children a boy and a girl both married and settled in Europe. He was staying alone in Dubai, once or twice a year he visits Europe. The night was sleepless for me; I was thinking about the situation over and over again and came to a conclusion. I was excited my wife been taken by a man who is older than her grandpa. In the morning before going to the office, I leave early every day, I said go an accept the offer. She seems to be stunned and said what nonsense are you talking are you mad, I said, no am not am not mad and am talking sense. What is the problem if you go with him, after all he is an old man what harm can he do to you. After I went to my office, in the afternoon I called her and asked her to say yes to him when he comes, she did not speak anything. In the evening when she came come from office I asked her what happened, coz I was excited like anything, she said, she told yes to him and I was like wow. But there was a problem, I enquired and she said the wants to date her in one of the Caribbean Islands. I sat there dumb struck, she also added, he will bear all the expenses. They will be out of Dubai for at least 3 days. I recovered from the dilemma and said, anyways I don't think I will be able to take you there in the near future, just take the opportunity and enjoy. Looked as if for a confirmation and she immediately picked up the phone and called him. She said she was ready for the same; they talked for at least 2 minutes and disconnected. I asked anything else. He wants my passport for visa purpose and wants to go immediately once my periods are over. I stood there mouth wide open that old bastard want to my wife's period date, rascal. She gave the passport the very next day. Three weeks later she gave me a call and said the Visa and tickets are ready she has to start after two days. I said OK and see you at home. In the evening did some last minute shopping, some clothes and accessories, we had no time left, packed her bags, I was just thinking about me, a husband sending his wife to date with someone else, was that good or bad. The day arrived, got her luggage in the car & drove to the airport. I said I wanted to see her boyfriend, but he should not see me, she said yes, I left her at the Departure entrance, and waited in the nearby crowd. A few minutes later I saw her boy friend. The guy was shorter than my wife, bald with grey hairs, a big belly, clean shave, all his hairs on his hands are white, big lips, and he looked a bit ugly too. I was unhappy that I missed the opportunity of this ugly stud playing with my wife. She said bye with the eyes and I waved back, his hand was holding her wait and resting on her beautiful ass. I drove back; the next day morning I got the call from her saying they just arrived in Barbados, the connection flight from London was delayed. I said good luck and disconnected the phone. On the fourth she came back, she was dropped at our house by him. It was Friday and Dubai we do not work on Fridays, I was eagerly waiting for my wife, to know what all happened in that unknown land. She got refreshed, by the time I made a cup of tea for her and she sat down to tell me what all happened.This is what she said:The day they landed they reached the resort in the afternoon; it was one of the costliest seas facing resort there. After checking into the suite cottage, they refreshed themselves and went for lunch in the restaurant. After lunch they went to the beach for a small walk. Came back to the cottage for quick nap and Mr. Khalid that's his short name was preparing for the beach. He handed over a cover to her and asked her to change into that, she went into the change room and opened that cover and was surprised, it had a two piece, she wore the same the top was deep cut with a good cleavage show and the bikini's back went inside the ass cheek. She came out of the change room and saw Khalid in his trunks; he was just covering his private part. His huge belly and his body covered with white hairs.He turned aside to see Megha and she looked like a sex bomb in that dress. He was eyeing her top to bottom and she was feeling shy. She could see some movements in his trunk. He came near her and made her sit on the bed and immediately took her beautiful lips inside his mouth. His hand rested on her shoulders and they came down to her boobs slowly pressing it. He withdrew from the kiss and took her hand and placed on his bulge. She was getting aroused now. She rubbed his cock on top of his trunk and he slowly pulled his trunk up to his knee, his cock sprang out his cock was around 4 inches, circumcised, with a big purple top and a huge hanging hairy balls. She looked at it and started to stroke for some time and it started to ooze precum. He said what are you waiting for he needs a special care, it’s longing for that. She understood what he meant she kneeled in front of him and licked his tip, the oozing precum, and slowly took the whole inside, he moaned like hell, ohhh yeah please don't stop it honey ma longing for it for a very long time. In the meantime she was massaging his balls also. his balls started to get stiff and she understood he was going to cum, he shot big load into her mouth, at first she disliked the taste later she enjoyed it, it was for the first time in her life she is tasting an old man’s cum, She again pressed his balls till it emptied in her mouth and the licked the cum from the top. She got up know, she was feeling wet and hot, the old bastard is not taking care of her she felt very horny, but what to do, she did not want to take sex by force, she wanted his two knew and act accordingly.She got up, he kissed her cheek he slapped her ass cheek slowly and said, and today night this will be doing overtime. They locked the room and headed towards the beach. Khalid walked beside Megha as a proud man having a very beautiful girlfriend. There were only a few people in the beach and those guys were eyeing Megha, her ass was inviting everybody. They moved a little bit ahead where no one is there and sat under the shade. She was enjoying the sunset and the sea, he was lying looking at her body, and he can't take his eye off her body. He said, we will leave the beach when it is dark, she said yes as you wish. The sun went down and people in the distance were preparing to go, darkness fell on the beach and now they were the only couples on the beach that too in a distance. Suddenly she could feel a hand on her boobs, oh at last Khalid has read her mind, he came closer to her and he was breathing heavily, his both hand were on her boobs, pressing them fondling them as if he has not done that before. Her hands were on her bikini rubbing her pussy on top, she was thinking why the guy was not playing with her pussy. He stopped fondling her boobs and got up, he could see even in the dark Khalid. He sat down, what was he going to do she was excited, suddenly she could feel his hands on her stomach and then sideways, he slowly pulled her bikini down, and cool air was blowing to her moist pussy making her to moan. He pulled he bikini off and opened her legs and now his face was buried inside my wet inviting pussy, his each licking were sending electric shocks though her spine and she loved that. Lying on a beach, naked and an old man licking her like hell, she could not believe. She started to caress his bald head with her hands and pressing his face more and more to her pussy. She was in a position to cum and before thinking what to do, she came with a moan onto his face. He did not stop and was still licking the pussy juices that were flowing out. He got up from there and went to the sea, she understood he had gone to wash his face and came back. He gave her the bikini she wore it and were ready to go. While walking back in the dark his hands were on her ass cheek, playing with it also trying to finger the hole. He took her hand into his trunk and she was busy playing with his balls. They came back to the cottage she changed myself to a Skirt and blouse and he to a tee and pant they went to the bar, he had some drinks and she some wine, after that they went to the restaurant and had dinner and headed back to the cottage. She changed to a night gown and he to a shorts he was again having some drinks and she was watching TV.He came near her and swathed off the lights and only the dim room light was on, he asked to switch off the TV. Now his hand was on her thigh on top of the gown and started to rub her thighs. She lied on my back and he slowly pulls her gown and took it off. Since she was not wearing anything under her lay there naked. He asked her to be on doggy and she stood as he said. He came from back and started to lick her ass hole from the back, he was licking her hole as like anything he was fucking her hole with his tongue, and his hands were on her boobs. He must have licked for at least 20 minutes and she was moaning like anything. He got up and was on his knee, he pulled his trunk off and now kept his cock on his asshole crack and started to press, being a big head it was bit pain for her, as she normally do not involve in anal. He presses harder and harder and his cock was entering her ass, his four inch was full in and now he started to stroke, she had bit pain in the beginning, but now she also started to enjoy the same. His bang was now faster, she was wondering how an old man could be so powerful. He was about to cum he pulled his cock out and sprayed it all over her ass cheek. He was exhausted and fell on the bed; she got up from the doggy and lied besides him. He turned his side to her and took his hand and started to rub her pussy. He pinched my clitoris, but she was enjoying it. Then his middle finger went inside the hole that was an exciting moment for her. Then he was finger fucking her with two fingers and she was playing with her own, boobs. She was ready to cum and came on his hand; he took the finger out and licked the juices from the finger. He now hugged her and slept off. The next day she woke up and did not find him she was lying naked on the bed and then he came out from the rest room after brushing. He asked how the night was and how was the sleep, she said she enjoyed. But the morning had made her horny, she wanted cock in her pussy not in her mouth or ass, he sat in the chair and was glancing through the papers, he went near him naked and from the back started to rub his chest and his belly, he looked at her and her eyes were inviting him to bed, he followed her, they got on the bed, she pulled his trunks down, his cock was limp now, he lifted his cock and kissed on his balls, she started to lick his hairy balls, and then took each one by one in her mouth, he was moaning of pleasure, his legs were wide open for her access, hi limp cock was now like post in the road. She got on top of him held his cock up and slowly inserted into her hot and wet pussy. He closed his eyes and was lying enjoying the strokes. She was riding as a mad woman, he was her horse and she the jockey, her rides was faster and faster. He said he was going to cumm, by this time she had come twice. He shot his load into her hot and dripping pussy; she still rode till she emptied his nuts and then fell on him. She kissed him and then lied on him breathing heavily for some time. The breakfast time was over and they had the best breakfast ever. They layer there for about an hour in that same position. They got up after an hour and they took bath together, she gave hand job for him again. Got dressed and went out for sightseeing. She was wearing a deep cut blouse and jean. The jean was too small to hold her ass.They went to the shopping center and Khalid told her to buy anything she wanted and he will pay for that, they did some quick shopping and took some small bites and headed toward the resort. Took their lunch and went to the room straight. He said baby, I want to fuck you today on the beach, she smiled at him, he gave her another set of bikini today a blacked laced, he said wear it in front of me. She removed her jean and blouse, removed her undergarments, she stood there naked, he came near her and kissed on her back, kneeled down and opened her ass check and gave it a kiss and lick. Now you can wear it he said. She wore both of them and he could not believe his eyes, he must not have thought she would have looked that wonderful in that. He removed his tee and pants and was back on his trunk, she could see his bulge, and she went near him and gave a rub on his bulge and said, will take care of you later. They headed towards the beach, still the stares were on, they walked to their old spot and were comfortable now, this time they had carried a bed sheet also with them. They lied there and waited for the sunset, when the darkness started to kiss the beach the old man also started to kiss the sexy woman lying near him, he said, I will fuck you today. He started to kiss her lips, then her boobs, and down he went to her pussy kissing and licking. She was ready already, he pulled his trunks and the slowly widened her legs rubbed her pussy lips with his cock head and then gave it a push, the wet pussy did not hesitate to take it inside. He started to stroke her, his hanging balls banging her ass. His strokes was faster know, she was thinking how the old man gained strength. She said that she was going to cumm and came on his tool; he was still ramming his cock in and out. He was ready to cum and made his strokes faster. He exploded deep inside her pussy and lied on top of her with his limp cock still in her pussy, he pulled his cock after a while and she could feel his juices flowing through her thighs. She said I want to take bath with you in the sea. They got up and went to the water; they played there for some time. In between his hands were on her body. They came back to their place took their cloths and headed towards the resort. She asked aren't you tired, after all these number of fucks. He said no and slapped her ass cheek. They reached the cottage took a quick shower together and headed towards the bar, he sat near her and while sipping his drink his finger were busy under the table on her pussy lips, she was wondering, this man is still hungry for sex. They had their drinks, she said we will have the dinner in the room, and they ordered, she said order some ice creams also we can make it more exciting, they ordered creams also. After the food they wanted to have the desert, she got up took her blouse out and applied the ice cream on her boobs and he came and sucked them both. He went and dipped his cock in the ice cream bowl and she licked them. She took the ice cream and then lifted her skirt and applied on her ass he came running and licked them. He looked her and took the cream and applied on his balls. She made him lie down on the bed and took the whole ball in her mouth and licked the whole ice cream. The ice creams were over and now she said, what to do, he said, I have it with me if you want take it. She took his cock in her hands and started to stoke them faster, when he said he was going to cum she took it in her mouth and licked them she pressed his balls to get the whole from it. That was enough for the day; both of them were tired and went off to sleep soon.The next day morning he said it was their last day and what they wanted to do, she said let’s wait till evening without any sex and we will go wild in the evening, he said OK, she said she want to go for a massage sauna and spa, he also like the idea. After all these they met in the evening only. She was relaxed from the massage and spa and he came back a little late. When he came he had a small bottle in his, she asked what was that and replied something special, would tell her later. He kept the bottle on the table and said it was oil for making his cock stand for a long time before Cumming and also to increase the sperm count, she was surprised. He went to the change room with the oil and came back after a while; he said that he went to apply the oil. She said she would have done that for him, he said I she would have done then he would get a hard on, the oil has to be applied without a hard on. He waited for an hour at the coffee table for the oil to get dried, and went to the rest room again to wash it up. He came back, she was lying on the bed in her skirt and blouse, he came and stood near the bed, she got up from the bed, he quickly grabbed her by her waist and he sealed her lips with his. His hand lifted her skirt and was now on her ass kneading rubbing and massaging it. He turned her and pulled her blouse off and started to kiss her back with her bra on and slowly fondling her boobs, she could feel him pressing his now hard cock on her ass. He turned towards him and now was on her knees, kissing and rubbing his cock on top of his trunks, she did for a while and pulled his trunk down and his cock sprang out now more energetic, the oil started to work, she lifted his cock and started to kiss his balls. His male musk was killing her and she stroked his cock while licking the ball one by one, he was caressing her hair. She stopped with the balls and came back to the rod, she licked the precum and started to take the shaft deep throats, he pulled her head to and fro for the motion. She was sucking his cock harder and faster but no sign of Cumming was seen. She stopped sucking and got onto the bed. He started to lick from her toe and went up. Her Calv's, her knees, her thighs her inner thighs, he pulled her skirt and panties in one go, he widened her legs and licked her pussy with more speed and enthusiasm. His hands unbuckled her bra and were kneading the globe hand from her chest. He stopped with that and lying on the bed , he said I want to go for 69, she got on top of him, sat on his face rubbing his pussy and bend forward to take his cock. 69 positions continued for about half an hour. He got up and asked her to be in doggy, he licked her ass hole from the back and after lubricating it with his saliva; he positioned himself and inserted his cock deep inside her ass. He started to fuck her with more vigor and strength, the oil had worked, he was happy, he was riding her harder and harder and his hand doing an extra work on the boobs. He stopped with the ass and pulled his cock out and inserted her pussy in the same doggy. He was fucking her like a mad dog. She came 2 twice, but for him there were no signs of Cumming at all. After around 20 minutes, he said he was going to cum, and by the time she came thrice. When he was ready to cum, he took the cock out and then asked her to give it a blow. She took it in her mouth and sucked it faster, with the other hand she pressed his balls, he was about to cum, he came like anything, and not only in her mouth, but all over her face she licked her lips. The oil was magic. They collapsed into the bed. When they got up it was mid night, they have not even taken their dinner. When she got up her pussy was been licked by Khalid, she came and he licked her juices. They got up and then went to the bathroom for a quick shower. She gave him a blow job under the shower. After their bath, they packed their bags, coz they have to leave the next day morning back to Dubai. Both of them slept that night naked in each other’s hand. The dawn broke off and they started to get ready. Khalid had one more wish before leaving, he want to lick her ass again. This time she got on top of the table he sat in the chair, while licking he fingered her pussy also. She came again and he withdrew his hand and licked them. She got down from the table and she could see the bulge in his pant, she caressed it on top of his pant, because they had no time. They took the cab and headed the airport; her pussy was swollen so as Khalid’s cock. Three days of non-stop fucking. When Khalid left her at our home in Dubai handed over a small packet. We opened it and there was a letter inside, which said, Dear Angel, you were simply awesome, this present is token of my love for you, Rgds, your old man. It contained a cheque worth 5000 Dollars, I thought to myself, my wife's rate. I kissed her on her forehead. After this occasion she often went with Khalid, she also was crazy about old cocks, she would get one then she will make sure that the nuts are emptied. Hope all of you liked the story, if yes please comment, there are more stories of my naughty wife Megha.